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AIBU to ask any dentists out there

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DinosaurTrain Sat 10-Jan-15 23:34:45

Posting here for traffic

When is the new EAER tooth regeneration thingy likely to come to the market?

I need a filling now (a small one) I dread the drill. Wondering if it's unrealistic to hope to hold out till it's available?

I'm expecting it probably is hmm

afreshstartplease Sun 11-Jan-15 07:07:02

Fillings without a drill? Tell me more?

TeacupDrama Sun 11-Jan-15 07:31:57

Interesting research, will be years before generally available, high unlikely to be NHS will probably only work on small holes. This is not the first product /technique to have been hailed as the answer to fillings none of the others are generally available unfortunately as equipment very very expensive and only usable in a small number of cases

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