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To be worried my 13 month old daughter doesn't nap for more than 30 mins at nursery all day

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ViperActive Fri 09-Jan-15 18:51:59

She only goes 2 days a week and started 6 weeks ago but she just won't settle there and gets so tired and very upset come home time. I hate seeing her upset and red eyed and I wonder if im not giving her long enough to settle in. at the nursery they tell me they do all they can but she sleeps for 20-30 mins at lunch and awakens. Now at home she still has 2 naps, morning for 30 mins and after lunch for 90 mins or so. its making me think I should leave work and look after her full time. Am I being over the top or is it reasonable to be concerned?

Leonas Fri 09-Jan-15 19:32:26

My dd is the same! She is also 13 months and goes to nursery for full dad 2 days per week - she has been going since August, so from about 8 months. At home she can nap for an hour or more twice a day but at nursery the longest nap she has had is 45 mins meaning that she tends to be pretty grumpy when we get home. Things have improved since I gave them the blanket she usually sleeps with at home (why I didn't think of this sooner I don't know!) as she associates it with nap time.
I think it is quite normal and she is just too involved/ interested in what is going on there as it will be busy and stimulating. It doesn't mean you are doing the wrong thing, she will just have a different routine there to what she has at home.
As long as she seems happy to be there I wouldn't give up work for this reason alone x

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