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To think quiet a lot of people have narcisstic tendencies?

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MerryDee Fri 09-Jan-15 09:28:04

My mother is a narcisstic, un diagnoised professionally of course as in her head she's perfect.
This isn't something we speak of outside our family, there are plenty of people who think she's off her trolley but equal numbers who think she's an amazing woman as when she chooses her public persona can be amazing, she can only keep this up for short periods of time though.

Recently though I've noticed subtle similar traits to hers, in a few people I'm casually connected with, I've been able to "foresee" how they're going to react in difficult/testing circumstances based on my mothers reactions, it's bloody scary!!!

It took my family years to workout what exactly my mothers issue was, narcissism completely fits the bill. She made our lives extremely difficult most of the time, she doesn't get much chance anymore but still will when the opportunity.
Aibu to think that almost every extended family contains a narcisstic?

Iwasinamandbunit Fri 09-Jan-15 09:59:30

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

MerryDee Fri 09-Jan-15 10:12:55

Firstly I sympathise with you for yours and your families ingoing mh issues I hope you are getting the support you need.

Re my mother, we spent years believing she was just a difficult person and that she choose to behave the way she did. However behaving horribly isn't normal, I'm not convinced that anyone would choose to do so, surely there has to be something else at play. I don't want to go into specific details about her behaviour as it'd be recognisable but this link describes her behaviour perfectly, it could have been written about her.

Narcissism is difficult to diagnoised as the person usually doesn't think they have a problem, quiet the opposite they genuinely think they are better than everyone else.

LittleMissIntrovert Fri 09-Jan-15 10:12:57

I think it's probably fair to say there a lot more people than we realise, as they put on a show for others, and hide it very well as they like to be well thought of by some people.

My husband has a lot pretty much all of the traits, but nothing formal.

RinseyMinceySpider Fri 09-Jan-15 11:21:43

I don't, I'm just naturally better and more important than everyone.

MerryDee Fri 09-Jan-15 11:47:50

:-D rinsey, are you my mother?

Little miss I think quiet a few people put on a show, but sometimes the mask slips or they just don't care. Having a narcisstic as a parent is soul destroying especially if you're the scapegoat. You have no chance of escape until your older at least now I can distance myself.

CaffeLatteIceCream Fri 09-Jan-15 11:56:42

People can be unpleasant dicks without having personality disorders. The default setting for human beings isn't "lovely all the time".

Sorry, but unless you are actually a professional you are not in a position to diagnose NPD.

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