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To hate Sponge Bob Square Pants?

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Fedupofplaystation Fri 09-Jan-15 08:58:03

3yo Dd decided that she loved Sponge Bob after visiting Nickelodeon World at Alton Towers with her Grandparents.
I caved in this morning and put an episode on. So far, someone has been called a moron and another character called a cretin. The way that the characters talk to each other is horrible.
Who writes this stuff for kids?

MulledLairyFights Fri 09-Jan-15 08:59:52

It's aimed at older kids. Not excusing the language but that's the case.

YABU. Spongebob is hilarious! grin

HellKitty Fri 09-Jan-15 09:01:56

SpongeBob used to keep me sane.
Granny's boo-boo kisses got me!

BeverleyCrusher Fri 09-Jan-15 09:02:12

Those terms are not great, but used commonly in the US. The programme itself is one of the few cartoons I will actually sit and watch. The writing is often very funny.

And the movie with the Hoff is awesome

Thenapoleonofcrime Fri 09-Jan-15 09:02:17

I don't find it hilarious at all, I struggle to see why my two (older, the 9 year old likes it best) like it but they really really do. The plots are terrible, the humour weak, the characters unappealing, it's weird to me!

Fedupofplaystation Fri 09-Jan-15 09:09:09

I'm afraid I don't get the humour although DH will point out that I don't have a sense of humour as I don't like things like Hot Fuzz and find the way that they treat each other horrible.
Wish she'd get back into Rugrats. Now THAT is quality kids entertainment. Makes me laugh every time.

ThoseArentPillows Fri 09-Jan-15 09:09:11

I love SpongeBob! My 15 yr old dd actually absorbed a lot of knowledge from it that she will often baffle people with. For example she's doing gothic literature in GCSE English and was the only student in the class who knew who Nosferatu (sp?) was, so don't knock it too muchsmile

FoolingAroundWithWine Fri 09-Jan-15 10:01:44

Dn loves Spongebob. I was made to watch the film with her. I had a hmm face the whole way through and then at the end I had a angry face when SB called himself a Spazatron or some such.

It's so bloody stupid.

LoisWilkerson15 Fri 09-Jan-15 10:14:00

I love SpongeBob! I'm very immature though grin

Thisvehicleisreversing Fri 09-Jan-15 12:41:57

YABVU Spongebob is brilliant.

My 2 DSs have always loved it and they're 9 and 13 now. It's one of the only things we'll all watch and laugh at together.

Might just put it on to watch now...

WowserBowser Fri 09-Jan-15 12:49:01

Aw, I like Spongebob

pinkdelight Fri 09-Jan-15 12:49:39

Spongebob is both brilliantly immature and incredibly witty and inventive. Not sure what you mean by how they treat each other? It comes from that tradition of cartoon slapstick and Laurel and Hardyish banter, but Spongebob is wonderfully positive, he loves his job, will do anything for the Crusty Crab and for Patrick, Gary et al. Yes Squidward thinks he's above it all, Mr Crabs is the money-grabbing boss, and Plankton wants to destroy them all, but that's all done for laughs and I've been amazed by the quality of the writing - seriously. And if you think it's weird, just wait till you watch Adventuretime...

SqueezyCheeseWeasel Fri 09-Jan-15 12:51:31

Adventure Time is fucking genius, pink delight.

x2boys Fri 09-Jan-15 12:52:22

No it irritates the hell out of me my 8 year old son loves sponge bob so i am forced to watch it very annoying!

x2boys Fri 09-Jan-15 12:53:14

My favourite is the regular show I can find that funny!

FelixFelix Fri 09-Jan-15 12:55:41

Adventure Time & Regular Show are brilliant. Me and DP watch them when dd is in bed grin We love cartoons though (mainly more adult ones like Bojack Horseman and Archer).

PulyaSochsup Fri 09-Jan-15 12:55:55

It drives me mad. The dreadful music is haunting me!

DustyGold Fri 09-Jan-15 12:56:29

Can't stand it; my two boys love it.
There is worse than Sponge Bob though. Something with a snake? Forgotten name but I made my furious 9 year old turn over as vile and certainly didn't want younger brother watching it.

youbethemummylion Fri 09-Jan-15 12:56:38

I used to love SpongeBob now the kids have moved on to Adventure Time and Regular Show and I end up watching them even after the kids have left the room, I think I'm immature though

Basilbrushestail Fri 09-Jan-15 13:03:31

Dusty, the one with the snake is Sanjay and Craig.

I prefer those to the annoying teen dramas such as victorious that dd insists on watching.

SqueezyCheeseWeasel Fri 09-Jan-15 13:09:23

Is victorious the one with the awful dubbing? DD went through a phase of watching that. Utter dross.

DustyGold Fri 09-Jan-15 13:33:25

Ahh thats it Basil, Sanjay and Craig. Just didn't like what I saw.
To think my eldest watched Cbeebies for years while his younger brother watches stuff I would not have let eldest watch at his age because eldest tends to win tv battles.
They both like Phineus and Ferb, Gravity Falls and Fairly odd parents as well as SpongeBob.

MuddhaOfSuburbia Fri 09-Jan-15 13:39:42

I LOVE SpongeBob

<longs wistfully for days of sitting on sofa under blanket with 3dcs two dogs and a massive boxset>

x2boys Fri 09-Jan-15 14:06:11

And I now have the song from sanjay and Craig in my head basil thank you!grin

NewYearNewBrie Fri 09-Jan-15 14:07:48

YABVVVVVVVU. my 64 year old grandfather watches it.

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