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WIBU to mention this to school?

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ChaosTrulyReigns Thu 08-Jan-15 18:35:09

Really concerned that I might br interfering where I shouldn't but also concerned that this isa safe-guarding issue.

So MN guide me please.

Have seen a young child walking home alone from school twice now. It's probably 500yards,no major roads to cross. But he's definitely younger than the age the school suggests they can walk home from after a parent school conference.

Now I don't know whether school have made a special exception in this case and so I'm butting in unnecessarily.

Or, no arrangement has been made and the school needs to be alerted. I don't feel comfortable speaking directly to this parent.

Quitelikely Thu 08-Jan-15 18:37:28

You don't feel comfortable speaking to the parent? Rightly so. This is non of your business. The parent seems it acceptable, so does the school and those two are responsible for the child's welfare.

NorwaySpruce Thu 08-Jan-15 18:37:55

For the sake of 500 yards, there's no way I'd mention it (unless the child is 3).

Or is this a joke thread I'm not getting in my post Christmas haze?

Yangsun Thu 08-Jan-15 18:38:08

Personally I would think you were interfering, it sounds like the route is safe and the child is confident doing it. I.really think it is the parent's call on this one

Discobugsacha Thu 08-Jan-15 18:40:56

If they are 5yo or over, I think YABU. I think it's good for children to gradually build independance and 500 yards on a safe route is something most primary children should be able to accomplish alone!

ChaosTrulyReigns Thu 08-Jan-15 18:41:15

I'm not sure the school know, Quitelikely.

What about the OP makes you think it's a joke thread?

duckwalk Thu 08-Jan-15 18:41:43

You said the school suggested an age....if it was a suggestion then not a hard and fast rule. At my dc's school a form is to be filled in by parent/guardian if child is to walk, if not they wait with the teacher then into the office. Not sure if your school has this policy? If it has, or something similar then it seems it's alright.

MissMillament Thu 08-Jan-15 18:42:18

How old is the child? Nobody can possibly say whether you are BU or not if you don't say.

AppleRings Thu 08-Jan-15 18:44:27

If the school doesn't know how do they let them go. At our school children only get to leave when someone is there to collect them.

NorwaySpruce Thu 08-Jan-15 18:44:30

The fact that any child over five ought to be able to manage 500 yards from school.

Honestly, I am beginning to think people actively try to dream up safeguarding issues.

ChaosTrulyReigns Thu 08-Jan-15 18:45:17

The school will allow year 6 pupils to walk home alone ifiit has been agreed between patent and school.

Thus child is year 3.

lljkk Thu 08-Jan-15 18:46:45

some schools don't think under 11s should walk home alone. Some of us find that absurd.

ohmychrist Thu 08-Jan-15 18:47:47

You're being VERY unreasonable! Of course a Year 3 can walk 500m home, alone.

lljkk Thu 08-Jan-15 18:48:25

xpost... I think YWBU to complain about a 7yo. I walked to & from school alone at 7yo. Crossing 1-2 busy roads. In a dodgy neighbourhood (we moved away after my brother got threatened with a pistol).

Summerisle1 Thu 08-Jan-15 18:48:38

I'd be very cautious about butting in, OP. 500 yards without major roads to cross doesn't sound like a safeguarding issue to me.

NorwaySpruce Thu 08-Jan-15 18:49:07

Oh crikey, my year three child goes over to the local shop and everything, and I am the most risk averse parent known to man.

How do they learn otherwise?

500 yards? I honestly cannot see the issue.

comedycentral Thu 08-Jan-15 18:51:06

Many many posters on Mumsnet say that if you are concerned about a child then you should talk to someone. It sounds like you are concerned about this child so you came to Mumsnet to get a general viewpoint, is that right?

It does seem from the responses that this is a normal thing for young children so may be nothing to worry about. I don't think you posting here is being unreasonable at all, I think as a society we SHOULD ask questions when we are worried about a child, if that means coming to somewhere like mumsnet then we as members should support posters and not bite their bleedin heads off for asking.

blankenbaby Thu 08-Jan-15 18:53:09

YABU. im in Germany, here 5/6 year olds go to/from school on their own sometimes using public transport. 7 yo walking 500 yards is perfectly fine.

Wolfiefan Thu 08-Jan-15 18:53:59

Our local primary school is on high alert after a man was reported masturbating by the fence.
Chaos I know you might face a roasting on here. If it bothers you then I would mention it to the school. If you do this then the ball is in their court.

SnowWhiteAteTheApple Thu 08-Jan-15 18:55:23

If under year six and that's the schools policy, then drop them an email. If it's all above board fine and if not they can deal with.

MissMillament Thu 08-Jan-15 18:55:53

Yes, I would expect a 7 year old to be able to manage 500 yards unaccompanied. I think the school is being ridiculously overprotective in suggesting they shouldn't be allowed walk home alone until Y6 tbh.

ChaosTrulyReigns Thu 08-Jan-15 18:58:32

AppleRings makes a very important point that I'd missed.

Teachers only release children when they spot the designated person. Therefore, this must have been sanctioned and is none of my business. So I'll not say anything.

I'm still quite uncomfortable about it, only because I wouldn't be happy with my year 4 child doing similar. I'm complete fine with understanding other parents have differing views on this though, as this thread has shown.


ItsAllKickingOffPru Thu 08-Jan-15 18:59:12

If you know the school's policy prohibits this then I'd drop them an email. It may be that the school know as it's unusual for a child to be allowed to leave without a named person to collect them but there's no harm doen if they have made an exception for this child that you're unaware of.

Chocolateteacake Thu 08-Jan-15 18:59:47

I assume the parents have to sign a 'home alone' sheet at school. Our old school had this (DSs schoolfriend was killed crossing the road about 100 yards from the school when he was in year 5).

Fooshufflewickbannanapants Thu 08-Jan-15 18:59:57

Our y3 son walks home by himself a little further than 500 yards, he has one moderate road to cross ( with crossing) and we had to speak to teacher to specifically allow it as up to y5 they are handed over by teacher at end of school day, I would imagine school know about it.

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