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To tidy dd's bedroom?

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lemisscared Thu 08-Jan-15 16:05:29

it was an utter pigsty, beyond what she could have managed and not really her fault. I managed to empty a big storage box for all (err some) of her cuddly toys.

i am now sitting here putting off the school run as she is going to have a meltdown.

She is obsessed with some of her toys. She calls them "the guys" and she carts them all down every morning before school then takes them back and covers them up. She worries about them during the day and tells me not to go into her room hmm

She has got so much stuff that even the spare room is full of it but we battle to throw anything away. i do it surreptitiously but it botes me in the arse sometimes.

fp says i should leave it as she likes it that way but i need to at least try to keep it clean. honestly it looked like a room social services would have had me up for neglect this morning shock

now it looks lovely and all her things are nicely arranged but it is going to be like armegeddon when she gets in.

she is a very young 9 btw.

how can i stop this almost ocd type behaviour from getting more in grained? dp says "its just what kids are like" im not so sure.

BestZebbie Thu 08-Jan-15 16:08:06

Does she want you to stay away from her especially beloved toys when she isn't there to look after them because sometimes you have been known to secretly throw some of her things away?

lemisscared Thu 08-Jan-15 16:14:16

oops sorry. i duplicated the thread.

lemisscared Thu 08-Jan-15 16:15:36

Best - not that she is aware of. its more to do with them having their place. The trouble is that place can often be on a pile of crap!!

I may be a bit harsh, but my attitude is that, as long as they live under my roof, the boys need to keep their rooms reasonably tidy (and leave them tidy when they are away at university during term time) - and if they don't, I reserve the right to go and muck it out myself - and they know that I will be ruthless!

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