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To say my ds looks like...

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Ludoole Thu 08-Jan-15 00:59:01

a cabbage patch kid grin

He has an abscess on his parotid (salivary) gland but his cheek has swollen so much that he resembles a doll i had as a child.

In my defence i have only noticed the resemblance since ive stopped worrying about his pain (which has stopped after high dose antibiotics started working).

He has reminded me of my childhood friend smile

VenusRising Thu 08-Jan-15 01:06:32

They make a fortune on eBay if the antibiotics don't work out. smile

Homepride1 Thu 08-Jan-15 07:58:11

Fab I loved Cabbage Patch dolls growing up, still remember the year Father Christmas delivered my long awaited doll smile

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