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I inadevvertently ate an egg that was 2 months out of date.

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SolidGoldBrass Thu 08-Jan-15 00:33:26

It didn't ming when I cracked it and it didn't taste funny, but according to the box it should have been eaten before Halloween. AIBU to be slightly concerned (not that I am going to shortly puke my ring up, because I ate it for lunch on Tuesday and only realised about an hour ago) that it must have been irradiated or genetically modified or something not to have been rotten by now...

damnandblast Thu 08-Jan-15 00:35:42

I fed DP an out of date egg the other day (though only by a month!) And he was fine too. Seems eggs are more hardy than we realise.

BouleSheet Thu 08-Jan-15 00:37:34

Hmmm, I never trust veg that doesn't go off within a few days. My mother always says that best before dates are a new fangled idea but I'm not sure even she (who has tins of things 7 years plus ood in her cupboards) would be so blase about an egg! Still, you've lived to tell the tale and maybe you too will have eternal youth or live well beyond your bbd.

Teeb Thu 08-Jan-15 00:38:52

Hmm. Could the egg have been placed in an old box? I've done that sometimes.

Thumbwitch Thu 08-Jan-15 00:39:34

Eggs are a LOT more hardy than you give them credit for in general. They don't go off for ages in most cases. The use by date has to accommodate the ones that might go off (and even then they can be rotten and still "in date", or have listeria infection (green tinge to the albumen).

I always go by sight, smell and how shrivelled the yolk is with eggs. I don't even look at the use by date.

AGnu Thu 08-Jan-15 00:41:35

Was the egg kept in the fridge? They really can keep for a surprising length of time if stored appropriately!

SolidGoldBrass Thu 08-Jan-15 00:45:00

Yes it was in the fridge. Definitely wasn't in an old box because that isn't something I do (there's only me and DS living in the house and DS wouldn't touch an eggbox) Thanks for various reassurances. It can't have actually been 'off' or it would have stunk - I fried it.

LongDistanceLove Thu 08-Jan-15 00:45:57

I'd think you'd know if it was off, I cracked an egg that looked a little iffy but was ok, the next egg was rotten I mean black and rancid. If it smells ok, looks ok then it probably is.

NeedABumChange Thu 08-Jan-15 00:46:14

Eggs last yonks after the date. Ignore the dates on egg boxes. Eggs with the same dates can be weeks different in age. If it smells okay when cracked then it's fine.

DodgedAnAsbo Thu 08-Jan-15 00:47:04

If there is no beak, you're ok

CLJ52 Thu 08-Jan-15 00:50:32

My sister is a chef (quite well known) and says eggs keep for weeks. She would say if it looks fine, smells fine then it is fine.

SabrinaMulhollandJjones Thu 08-Jan-15 00:53:05

I'm always surprised by how 'soon' the sell by date for eggs is. IME eggs last for ages - I wonder if it's from the salmonella in eggs scare?

I only once came across a bad egg, and the yolk was completely black.

Thumbwitch Thu 08-Jan-15 00:56:55

Yes Sabrina, it is primarily from the salmonella situation.

I cracked open an egg a few weeks ago that was within date but still had listeria infection - I know what it looks like, slightly fluorescent green albumen as opposed to the usual clear/slightly yellow tinge - obviously didn't use it. I've been caught out with one before, and also a fertilised egg (blood in the egg) - so now I always crack eggs into a separate glass before adding them to whatever they need to be added to.

bluesbaby Thu 08-Jan-15 01:15:32

I always do the water test, regardless, as well as sight/smell test.

Deep bowl or cup of water, if the egg floats the shell is too pourous and it'll be off. If it sits up and doesn't completely sink you should use it very soon. Quick sinker - should be totally fine, the shell is still intact.

TallulahTwinkletoes Thu 08-Jan-15 01:18:04

DP used to eat eggs months and months out of date. You'll be fine.

The only reason he stopped is because he gets through them so quickly nowadays, they don't have time to go out of date. grin

JeanneDeMontbaston Thu 08-Jan-15 01:21:00

You'll be fine!

Many of the eggs we eat are months old.

ShebaRabbit Thu 08-Jan-15 01:28:26

Blood in an egg is perfectly normal and doesn't mean its been fertilised.
Older eggs are better for making meringues.

Topseyt Thu 08-Jan-15 01:34:39

No problem. If it didn't smell or look off when cracked open then it should be fine.

Personally I think best before dates can often be pretty arbitrary. I am known to adopt the check, sniff and feel it technique myself. It hasn't let me down yet.

Naoko Thu 08-Jan-15 02:23:32

Totally fine. I made egg fried rice with eggs dated Oct 23rd yesterday. That's a bit much even for me but they didn't float and they didn't smell when I cracked them so they were fine. I was surprised that they were ok when I tested them, I will admit. Use by dates on eggs are a complete fiction.

differentnameforthis Thu 08-Jan-15 02:48:45

When you consider that eggs can be months old before they even reach your shopping basket, a few more won't make any difference.

Darkandstormynight Thu 08-Jan-15 02:51:55

Only two months? I've eaten them 4 months and they were fine.

Fourarmsv2 Thu 08-Jan-15 07:34:46

DH are greens eggs after months under water (submariner). Still here smile

Fourarmsv2 Thu 08-Jan-15 07:34:58


natwebb79 Thu 08-Jan-15 07:56:42

I want to know who CLJ52's sister is now. ..

Branleuse Thu 08-Jan-15 08:05:19

youd know if it was bad. Youll be fine. If theyee stored properly they last ages

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