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to think the decision made by Oldham Athletic today is the proof that professional football in this country lacks any moral integrity whatsoever?

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LuluJakey1 Wed 07-Jan-15 18:20:05

1) Morally, what they are doing is disgusting. They are completely disrespecting women sexually assaulted and raped by men in giving this man a job where he will be a role- model, hero-worshipped and idolised by thousands of people; young men and boys in particular. The message here is the crime of rape is easily dismissed by a short spell in prison and then you can go back and do whatever you like. In many jobs where a person has committed a sexual assault or rape, they are not ever allowed to work in a position again where they have contact with young or vulnerable people. Why is Ched Evans different?
2) His fiance must feel humiliated. He has not denied his behaviour at all- his denial is that it constituted rape. He has disrespected and humiliated her by tomming around with other women, doing deals with his friends to pick up vulnerable women, share them for sex and video each other doing that. Instead of having some self respect and dumping him, she has humiliated herself further by 'standing by her man' as he disrespects his victim even more by refusing to apologise . Now her own father is humiliating her even further by bankrolling the moron so a football club will take the risk of employing him. Eh? WTF?
3) It is beyond my comprehension that her father has no respect for his daughter and is rewarding the man who has treated her so badly, and also encouraging her in a relationsip with a man who sexually assaults or rapes women. It says a great deal about the kind of family she has grown up in - women are clearly treated like second class citizens and the possessions of men. I think she is stupid but feel very sorry for her.
4) Will he be accepted at other football grounds as a player? I expect so- none of them would have the guts to say he is unacceptable to them and take the consequences of standing up for what is right.
5) Will he be cheered at Oldham? I expect so- few fans will be prepared to make a stand against the club. The culture of football in England is such that moral standards are low in the professional game.

It will all end in tears- I have no doubt.

I do hope Oldham will come to understand how appalling their actions are.

I think today is the day I am fully convinced that professional football has no moral integrity whatsoever.

SnapeChat Wed 07-Jan-15 18:22:46

Message deleted by MNHQ. Here's a link to our Talk Guidelines.

ApocalypseThen Wed 07-Jan-15 18:22:51

I think hoping for morality or respect for women from any part of the soccer establishment is a vain hope. Truly, I struggle to understand why anyone would expect anything other than a bark from a dog.

Pagwatch Wed 07-Jan-15 18:24:55


ApocalypseThen Wed 07-Jan-15 18:28:54

It's not a sport I allow my children to get involved in, by the way. It attracts the lowest common denominator and there's no leadership from national or international bodies to turn it into anything I'd associate with.

I think more women need to open their eyes to the types of organizations they encourage their children to be involved in.

clairemum22 Wed 07-Jan-15 18:31:34

I agree

piechuck Wed 07-Jan-15 18:33:00

I wish I knew some real life Oldham fans to get their viewing this, I'm really grateful its it my club as I'm shocked and horrified and would've ashamed to wear the shirt. hmm

Cantbelievethisishappening Wed 07-Jan-15 18:33:03

Utterly, utterly disgusted with this decision. I worry that as time passes people will move on and it will be 'forgotten'. Glad two of the clubs sponsors have terminated their association. Vile, disgusting and pitiful excuse for a man.

piechuck Wed 07-Jan-15 18:34:03

Sorry, autocorrect - it's NOT my club!

expatinscotland Wed 07-Jan-15 18:34:24

If the sport had any integrity he'd have been banned from playing for life.

IHaveBrilloHair Wed 07-Jan-15 18:35:09

Horrid decision.
I have a DD who has never shown interest in it anyway, which I am glad about as I live near Glasgow.

Chunderella Wed 07-Jan-15 18:36:07

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Gavlaaa Wed 07-Jan-15 18:36:26

Whether you like it or not, he has served his time and now needs to be rehabilitated back into society. A key feature of offender rehabilitation is to find employment.

You may argue that he should not be allowed to have such a well paid/high profile job, but unfortunately he has talent that allows that to be an option for him.

FYI, I do agree in many ways with you and feel desperately sorry for his poor victim.

Pagwatch Wed 07-Jan-15 18:39:10

Oh good grief

A key feature of rehabilitation is accepting that you were guilty in the first place - something he has demonstrably failed to do.

LuluJakey1 Wed 07-Jan-15 18:39:48

I completely agree 'Apocalypse'. The whole profession- which makes a lot of. noise about community activities, all being family clubs etc, is actually just about money and promoting opportunities for men to be powerful. It is run by men for men. Female football players continue to be 'tolerated' and treated as second class. Female fans are encouraged to behave like men at matches.

All the good they could do for young people is undermined by these atitudes which are completely exposed by Oldham's decision today.

Professional football tolerates and. condone sexual and violent crime against women.

When the conviction is not overturned, Oldham will have employed a man on the Sexual Offender's Register and he will be being cheered onto the pitch. Shameful!

AnyFucker Wed 07-Jan-15 18:40:03

He hasn't served his time

you cannot rehabilitate if you don't think you have done anything wrong

how many times does this need repeating ?

HelenaDove Wed 07-Jan-15 18:40:07

Theyve signed him?! Oh FFS angry

AnyFucker Wed 07-Jan-15 18:41:20

atm, the club are still not confirming it

LuluJakey1 Wed 07-Jan-15 18:41:58

Gavlaa- no, he has not served his time. He was released to serve the second half of his sentence on license. He is still serving his sentence.

Icimoi Wed 07-Jan-15 18:42:14

Gawd, Gavlaaa, how many times does it have to be pointed out that he has not served his time. He is still out on licence and could be recalled at any time.

HelenaDove Wed 07-Jan-15 18:42:19

oh i see

Chunderella Wed 07-Jan-15 18:43:09

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Ohfourfoxache Wed 07-Jan-15 18:46:33

Oh ffs not another one.

He has not served his time. He has done 2.5 years of a 5 year sentence. He is out on licence and he maintains that he has done nothing wrong. Ergo he cannot be rehabilitated as this depends on admitting that you've actually done something wrong.

Fwiw, he fucking well should be recalled to prison. No remorse + continued harassment of his victim = he should still be inside.

How many times does this need to be pointed out? head => desk

Gavlaaa Wed 07-Jan-15 18:50:12

1) He has been released on lisence and is therefore encouraged and allowed to find employment. If his probabation officer believes him working for Oldham is appropriate, then he will be allowed to be signed.

2) You can be rehabilitated while still maintaining innocence. Your rehabilitation is more likely to be unsuccessful, however.

AWholeLottaNosy Wed 07-Jan-15 18:50:23

A bad day for football and all rape victims.

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