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to think this comment from job agency was a bit unfair?

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Badgerwife Wed 07-Jan-15 18:09:41

Sorry, it might be a bit long, I am known to ramble a bit.

I'm a PA by trade so looking for any sort of part-time PA/admin position. I've been on a career break these last three years to have my two children. I am now in a position where I need to find a job asap as we are buying a house and need the extra cash. We're supposed to complete the purchase and move in the next three weeks and definitely by the end of January.

I've started to actively apply for jobs this week and was contacted today by an agency regarding a local part-time job. As it turns out, the company is looking for an immediate start and whilst I am definitely happy to go for interviews, I don't think it would be fair to start work before the move as this is a short turnover (it's a new build so no chain or anything) and I am going to be hanging next to the phone/email expecting to hear from our mortgage adviser/solicitors/organising the removal van etc. So any job I might get I would be able to start about four weeks from now.

At the end of the conversation when I said I didn't think I could do an immediate start as it wouldn't be fair on the company, the agency person basically shut me down and said to contact them again 'when I was in a better position to apply for jobs' and wouldn't even get me in to register with them.

I was a bit taken aback if I'm honest. I appreciate that some jobs require an immediate start but there are plenty out there who will need at least a month's notice from their existing staff.

So what do you think? AIBU to be applying for jobs now for a February start? I don't think February is that far away, and I can arrange childcare to go to interviews so I'm a bit disappointed by the outcome of this particular conversation.

ChocolateTeacup Wed 07-Jan-15 18:12:30

YAB a bit U for temp roles they move quickly and you can start that day or the next day, permanent positions are different

Badgerwife Wed 07-Jan-15 18:13:26

Thanks, I am only applying for permanent roles

LIZS Wed 07-Jan-15 18:14:20

You've made yourself sound a bit half hearted and maybe they are more used to candidates with immediate availability. You won't be ready until you are resettled.

iklboo Wed 07-Jan-15 18:14:21

Temp positions are usually looking for immediate start so the person can learn the role from the exiting employee before they go.

BolshierAyraStark Wed 07-Jan-15 18:14:39

Yes I think YAB a bit U, agency roles are usually quite quickly filled so perhaps avoid them until you are in a position to commence employment.

WowWowSauce Wed 07-Jan-15 18:14:45

Was the job permanent or temporary? A lot of temp work is for immediate start.

Tyzer85 Wed 07-Jan-15 18:15:30

Most agencies deal with temp roles that require ASAP starts, what does that particular agency specialise in? If it's mainly temp roles then I think you are being unfair.

iklboo Wed 07-Jan-15 18:15:31

Sorry - also some permanent positions through agencies want a handover period for the same reasons.

PuppyMonkey Wed 07-Jan-15 18:18:59

I think I would have just gone for the interviews now and negotiate a start date if and when an employer gave you a firm offer of a job.

Badgerwife Wed 07-Jan-15 18:21:02

I think this particular role was temp to perm, they literally were organising interviews for the next day so presumably wanted the successful applicant to start the week after. So fair enough, this job wasn't for me; it wasn't clear from the ad that it was starting as a temp job.

I've been trawling and a lot of the agency jobs are for permanent positions, which are the only ones I'm applying for, knowing that I can't start next week but I can definitely attend interviews.

If IABU, that's fair enough, I was just surprised. I guess it's been a while since I've had to apply for a job!

Badgerwife Wed 07-Jan-15 18:22:55

PuppyMonkey that's it exactly. I can go to interviews, I wanted to go for an interview, but the agency (who has permanent positions as well as temps) wouldn't even see me to register.

wowfudge Wed 07-Jan-15 18:23:37

If a company likes you they will be fine with time off for moving - it's just like someone having a holiday booked. Plus if it's part time you can make your phone calls and arrangements around work. Let's face it, plenty of people in full time work manage the logistics of moving house around their jobs. I do think you are perhaps unrealistic - if you need a job asap, couldn't this be perfect?

In your position I would consider emailing the agency and stating you were really surprised a permanent role was available for an immediate start and it caught you unawares and you hadn't thought about that possibility. Now you have had time to think about it, you realise you were hasty to say you couldn't start for a month - would they reconsider?

OnlyLovers Wed 07-Jan-15 18:25:01

A little bit U about this particular job as they were obviously in a hurry to start interviews, but I can't see why they wouldn't let you come in to register.

I'd find some better agencies if I were you.

vinegarandbrownpaper Wed 07-Jan-15 18:25:15

Agencies are twats. They want you to make money for them but don't care whether its what you want or whether its making best use. Sack off this agency. There's plenty of others and life's too short to deal with a jumped up idiot. You want an agency you can develop a relationship with so that you get a good deal and they get good relationships with clients.. then they will work with you to get repetitive commission. This guys and agency isnt worth it.

Rollypoly100 Wed 07-Jan-15 18:29:08

I don't think you YAB at all unreasonable. You are looking for permanent work, have a major house move planned and are ready for a Feb start. Some agencies try and squeeze you in somewhere without really listening and a lot of them are simply thinking of their commission. If you wanted temporary work then that's different because it's all pretty much immediate start and you can't dictate start times.

LadyLuck10 Wed 07-Jan-15 18:29:17

Yabu, your moving issues aren't really their problem. Also why didn't you let them know at the start of the call, both of your times wouldn't have been wasted.

Badgerwife Wed 07-Jan-15 18:29:36

wowfudge you're probably right. I'm just thinking about what the next three weeks might look like emotionally and physically if I am to start a new 3 days a week job, which will obviously mean a lot of new information to learn in a short space of time, managing the massive change for the kids of new house/childcare for the first time (that's if I find someone this quickly) and spending the rest of the time packing.

If I was already in employment, it wouldn't be a problem because the daily logistics would already have a settled routine.

Badgerwife Wed 07-Jan-15 18:34:03

ladyluck10 this was literally a 10 minute conversation. We covered the job, which she said I could do with my eyes closed, and that with my CV I shouldn't have a problem finding a job. Then when we got to availability and she said about interviews tomorrow and Friday for immediate start, that's when I realised we were talking about a temp to perm job and explained what was happening.

Rollypoly100 Wed 07-Jan-15 18:36:16

The agency was just being pushy. Find a better agency, you don't need that kind of attitude.

Twiceover Wed 07-Jan-15 18:38:27

I think perhaps the problem was with the way you presented it. 'I can start a position from x date' is professional and tells them what they need to know re your availability. Chatting about your house move and that you'll need to answer calls etc so it wouldn't be fair doesn't make it sound as though you'd be very focused on the role.

expatinscotland Wed 07-Jan-15 18:40:27

I would find another agency and make it very clear about your start date.

Floggingmolly Wed 07-Jan-15 18:47:58

If you're looking for work now; you should be getting childcare in place asap??

Badgerwife Wed 07-Jan-15 18:48:16

I think from everyone's comments, one thing I'm going to do right now is update my profile on reed and all my cover letters to make it clear I can start work from February. I really hadn't considered it would be an issue as it's only three weeks away but you have shown me the error of my ways smile

Badgerwife Wed 07-Jan-15 18:50:37

Floggingmolly I should, and I will, once the mortgage has been agreed. With Christmas, everything has been on hold a little bit. I know a couple of childminders where we are moving to so it's a matter of days before I start sorting it out.

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