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I know AIBU, but just want to vent- so sick of housework

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Evelight Wed 07-Jan-15 13:23:47

I'm sooooo over meal-planning, laundry, tidy up... DH does a fair share- I'm not bitching about that (you may be sure he couldn't get away with not!) just the general never-ending cycle of meals, tidy up, shopping, - and it's early January sad I feel ungrateful- we were away over the holidays and stayed at a hotel for 5 days, so that was a break- but that's it! There's just sooo frickin' much to do around the house! Like since we got back I've been barely able to step out of the frickin' laundry! And the house is like a cyclone hit it- and we're constantly tidying up, putting stuff away, even bought and assembled organizing shelves over the weekend ffs! And preparing meals! We eat a lot of rice-based dishes, and after every meal there is rice frickin' everywhere! I feel like one of those sixties-seventies feminist novel (specifically The Woman's Room?) where there are pages and pages of description of how much work the woman does, except it's both of us. The kitchen floor is gross after every cooking session- as is the dining area after every meal. Even "quick" meals leave me resentful and fatigued - and no matter how quick, there's still a motherfriggin' load of tidy up afterwards. The kids don't do much around the house- they have prescribed chores which they do after a fair amount of nagging- it's not them, it's me just sick of housework, and having to come up with a meal every day, or if I'm lucky and there's leftovers (there's not as much leftovers now as there used to be, they come from school with appetites like they've been starved for three days), every other day, and snacks, and lunches. Anybody else feel like that?

katd999 Wed 07-Jan-15 13:38:20

I could've wrote your post, don't know if it's because it's January, but all the housework and meal planning just feels like too much effort
And the rice thing happens in my house too! We don't have it that often, but when we do it goes everywhere!
Tidying up in my house just seems pointless, and my kids don't help at all! hmm

Mrsbird311 Wed 07-Jan-15 13:41:51

Maybe you have too much stuff, I can do a quick clean and tidy top to toe in my quite big three bed house in an hour tops, including bathrooms, dishwasher, Hoover and mop floors, dinner takes 20 mins max there are four of us and I'm the only one who does anything although I'm s sham so can't complain, I am ruthless about recycling stuff out of the house regularly so we don't have much stuff iyswim

KahloSherman Wed 07-Jan-15 13:45:11

YANBU, it's soul-destroying.

I have PND, a 10 month old that doesn't nap much and a DH that has health issues that means he can't help with housework. So while my mum has DS for a couple of hours I need to run round like a blue-arsed fly cleaning and cooking even though I'm exhausted because DS kept me up coughing half the night. And I have to walk the bloody dog in this shitty weather.

Beachcomber Wed 07-Jan-15 13:50:13

I just want to say one thing.

Dog hair.

Wouldn't be without her. Wish she was bald.

Mrsbird311 Wed 07-Jan-15 13:50:45

Ah khaki I think you could be forgiven for not being on top of the housework, if I was you I'd prob just do a quick wiz round with a damp cloth and live on sandwiches on paper plates, hope your feeling better soon it will get better

Mrsbird311 Wed 07-Jan-15 13:51:57

Kahlo even, bloody auto correct

Evelight Wed 07-Jan-15 13:57:45

@MrsBird: it's not the actual amount of time which it takes- I have pointed out myself to dd, for example, that emptying the dishwasher literally takes only 7 minutes (yes, we have timed). Although 1 hour sounds a bit super-womanish, I have cleaned our small house so as to be guest-ready - 1.5 bathrooms, 2 bdrooms (we have wandering guests, sometimes)and living/dining and kitchen in under 2 hours. It's the actual mental and physical effort of it, and the way it never ends.

@kahlo- gah the bloody dog- one the (many) reasons I stand my ground and refuse to get pets - seen too many female friends sucked into the vortex of being the main pet caregiver.

I agree with too much stuff- we do regularly recycle/donate- but new stuff just seeps back in- birthdays, xmas, much needed lego, library books, piano music, hats, gloves arrrgh.

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