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aibu in wanting financial assistance with childcare?

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judgejudithjudy Tue 06-Jan-15 21:28:38

I have a 2 year old and serve disabilities which mean I have 3/4 hospital appointments a week so have to put lo in a childminders. I only receive £22.50 a week dla & my child costs are double this.

If I don't go to my appointments, I will never get well but struggling to pay for her to be cares for.

I have no family & my few friends work.

How do the dla expect you to live?

LIZS Tue 06-Jan-15 21:31:50

Have you applied for a Early Years funded place either for a cm or nursery/ preschool. Your HV may be able to advise if you are eligible.

judgejudithjudy Tue 06-Jan-15 21:33:01

No I haven't.

NeedABumChange Tue 06-Jan-15 21:35:51

Can she not go with you? My mum dragged me to all her appointments, although she was always awake and I don't remember any being too scary. Guess it depends on particular appointments.

jimmycrackcornbutidontcare Tue 06-Jan-15 21:40:58

Sorry, I know nothing about this but yanbu. You shouldn't be in financial difficulty because you have to go to the hospital.

Lozzie12 Tue 06-Jan-15 21:41:44

You will be entitled to free funding for nursery or childminder, if you contact your Family Information Service, it will be a free phone number they can give you details of what's available locally. You can have term time only or spread hours over the year, so you get childcare during school holidays as well.

Good luck.

Szeli Tue 06-Jan-15 21:43:09

if you earn less than 16k or are on esa your child gets 15 hrs pw from the term after their 2nd birthday

ilovechristmas1 Tue 06-Jan-15 21:57:55

sounds like you may be able to get some funding

ilovechristmas1 Tue 06-Jan-15 22:12:40

sorry but i dont see how it is DLA fault

cestlavielife Tue 06-Jan-15 22:18:15

Appeal the dla.
Get support in accessing more funding if you have severe disabilities. You should have more than dla to live off eg ESA etc.

Dla low rate is 21.55 what rate are you on ?

SomeSortOfDeliciousBiscuit Tue 06-Jan-15 23:11:40

You sound like you need a comprehensive benefits check-up and more support. Citizen's Advice can make sure you're claiming everything you're entitled to.

Do you have contact with your health visitor? They're an excellent gateway for accessing support. I had cancer when my DS was 14 months old and it was through the health visitor that we ended up with most of his nursery costs funded by the council (he was in nursery for four days as I was working pre-diagnosis) while I had treatment.

There is help out there, but you absolutely have to be pro-active in chasing it yourself. Start by booking an appointment with Citizen's Advice. flowers

BackforGood Tue 06-Jan-15 23:16:56

I also suggest going either to your HV or the local Children's Centre and asking if they can seek out some 2 yr old funding for you to get childcare for your dc. Sounds very much like you'd qualify for 2 yr old funding.

ilovesooty Tue 06-Jan-15 23:20:13

I am also puzzled as to why this is the DLA's fault.

WyrdByrd Tue 06-Jan-15 23:26:09

This is the basic 2 year funding info. You need to apply online. If you go to your local Surestart Children & Family Centre they will be able to advise & help you with the application process as well as put you in touch with local childcare providers. They should also be able to advise you about benefits & finances - ask to speak to a Family Information Service Advisor.

Hope you get it sorted asap.

Some 2-year-olds in England can also get free early education and childcare.

You must be getting one of the following:

Income Support
income-based Jobseeker’s Allowance (JSA)
income-related Employment and Support Allowance (ESA)
support through part 6 of the Immigration and Asylum Act
the guaranteed element of State Pension Credit
Child Tax Credit (but not Working Tax Credit) and have an annual income not over £16,190
the Working Tax Credit 4-week run on (the payment you get when you stop qualifying for Working Tax Credit)
Working Tax Credits and earn £16,190 a year or less
Children are also entitled to a place if:

they’re looked after by a local council
they have a current statement of special education needs (SEN) or an education health and care plan
they get Disability Living Allowance
they’ve left care under a special guardianship order, child arrangements order or adoption order
If your child is eligible, you can start claiming after they turn 2. The date you can claim will depend on when their birthday is.

Child’s birthdayWhen you can claim
1 January to 31 Marchthe beginning of term on or after 1 April
1 April to 31 Augustthe beginning of term on or after 1 September
1 September to 31 Decemberthe beginning of term on or after 1 January

hatgirl Tue 06-Jan-15 23:32:05

As you are an adult with severe disabilities then your local adult social care team may also be able to help. If you have social care needs including requiring support as a parent with disabilities then you have a right to assessment to see what adult social care services may be available to you.

They will not view you as incapable of looking after your child because of your disabilities.

They may however be able to offer you a direct payment to support you with meeting your needs as a disabled adult with parenting responsibilities. They will also help you sort out applying for everything else listed above.

Give it a go.

YonicSleighdriver Tue 06-Jan-15 23:35:30

I'm not sure it's DLa's fault per se but the OP is clearly struggling, hopefully the advice already posted will help. Second CAB for general advice.

Babiecakes11 Wed 07-Jan-15 02:01:12

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

judgejudithjudy Wed 07-Jan-15 08:24:51

Ok, I feel that the dla are at fault as atm there is no possible way I can work. I should be on the higher one & the assessor told them about changes needed round my home to assist me. I suffered a serve head & back injury in an accident leaving me half paralysed. I have to get taxis to & from the childminders & to & from my appointments. I didn't ask to be like this. My oh works 60 hours a week to keep a roof over our heads & food on the table so I struggle when I do have my lo. He earns over 16k.

I had to fight for my £22.50 despite paying my ni & taxes for 22 years. That's the only financial help we get so we have gone from two wages to one.

All his overtime is eaten up by taxis & childcare & I feel such a burden ��

MinceSpy Wed 07-Jan-15 08:39:24

OP you need professional help appealing your DLA you might even be a good case for migrating over to PIP. You've had some great tips on nursery funding but you need extra support. As you have a spinal injury try the SIA (spinal injury association) they have amazing resources and support a lot of injured parents.

Lifesalemon Wed 07-Jan-15 09:22:39

If you have 3 to 4 hospital appointments per week with a spinal cord injury then there is something wrong with the organisation of your care. My daughter has a spinal cord injury and her care is coordinated so we visit the unit once every six months and see the whole team on the same day.

MissDuke Wed 07-Jan-15 09:38:02

This is so sad. When you hear things like this you realise how imperfect our social security system really is. Your disability clearly has a significant impact on every aspect of your lives, so it is difficult to understand why you got such a low DLA award. I think you need to contact a relevant charity for help with filling out a new DLA form and to signpost you to other resources. When my daughter was undergoing assessment for autism, I was amazed at the resources that suddenly became available to us, I would like to think there are options for adults too.

You need a lot of emotional support too op, do you have family around to help?

ilovechristmas1 Wed 07-Jan-15 11:23:58

if you have worked for 22yrs are you entitled to contribution based ESA

Lifesalemon Wed 07-Jan-15 11:30:06

Was any of the problems you are struggling with discussed at your discharge planning meetings as things like home adaptations, DLA applications etc should have been addressed and dealt with to a satisfactory level before discharge. Do you meet the criteria for continuing care. My guess is that if you suffering from paralysis and the other health problems arising from a SCI then you should and a care package to meet your needs and help you live as normal life as possible should have been set up for you. I would look into it if I where you. Your unit outreach nurse should be able to help. Good luck.

WipsGlitter Wed 07-Jan-15 11:45:18

I agree CAB would be a good starting place for advice on benefits. Are you not eligible for tax credits and child benefit?

judgejudithjudy Sat 10-Jan-15 16:04:12

I have different appointments every week, head doctor, gp once a week, physio once a week & a phycologist for ptsd every other week.

My oh can only take so much time off to care for me. Assessed to need a carer & modifications to the house advised but dla have ignored all that.

Annoys me when I see people I know are really not entitled getting given cars. Especially when I watch them muck out & ride. Back problems my arse.

I didn't want to give up work - I'm physically unable to atm. Looks like we will have to sell the house & move into rented as no way of paying the mortgage without my wages & extra costs of childcare and taxis ��

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