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To think I am overweight

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notnow2 Tue 06-Jan-15 19:10:04

I weigh 70 kg at 168kg sometimes a bit less, sometimes a bit more - it varies. Therefore based on 70 by BMI is 24.8 - cut out the .2 and the days I have bloating - I am overweightshock I really don't want to diet but I must.

GaryBaldy Tue 06-Jan-15 19:12:58

I don't get what is unreasonable?

That you disagree with BMI charts?

Do you want to be overweight?

Bulbasaur Tue 06-Jan-15 19:16:02

Trying substituting small thing at first instead of a drastic change so it's more likely to form good habits that stick. Stairs instead of the elevator, park a little farther away, boredom eat air popcorn instead of chips. Stuff like that.

Also, do you have a hobby that you could combine with exercise so it doesn't feel like work? Like photography, you could go on a walk to get good pictures, sewing you could walk to the fabric store. Stuff like that.

notnow2 Tue 06-Jan-15 19:16:06

Err my bmi is not actually overweight as of this morning but with a cut off of 25 I class myself as overweight. I don't want to be over weight but will diet. That what I thought I wrote I'm first post.

notnow2 Tue 06-Jan-15 19:17:19

It is my diet - I pick at kids leftovers all the time. I work shift work. I just have a rubbish diet.

KatoPotato Tue 06-Jan-15 19:18:09

My head hurts.

LaurieFairyCake Tue 06-Jan-15 19:19:02

Well you're not overweight according to the BMI charts but if you're not happy with what you're eating change it smile

CleanLinesSharpEdges Tue 06-Jan-15 19:21:22

This makes no sense to me at all.

You're 70kg at 168kg... What does that mean?

heartisaspade Tue 06-Jan-15 19:22:25

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

JapaneseMargaret Tue 06-Jan-15 19:23:01

I think it's 168cm

CleanLinesSharpEdges Tue 06-Jan-15 19:27:24

Ah ok, now I get it.

Well I'm 5ft 2 and I know that at the upper end of the BMI chart, even though it's still an 'acceptable' weight, I'd look and feel overweight.

So no, YANBU to think you're overweight.

kittykat7210 Tue 06-Jan-15 19:33:04

BMI doesn't really mean anything anyway, its too outdated unfortunately, my BMI is 18.7 but i'm not thin, even though i'm bordering on 'underweight' but i look perfectly healthy, if a bit bigger than i should be. don't trust BMI too much, trust what you feel, plus body fat percentage and other bits like that can give a fair account of health if you are worried

notnow2 Tue 06-Jan-15 19:42:53


BigChocFrenzy Tue 06-Jan-15 20:32:49

BMI is a rough guide, but more important is to check your waist (narrowest point) because that indicates visceral fat. Your waist should be less than half your height, 84 cm in your case.

naty1 Tue 06-Jan-15 22:07:31

I could lose some with my bmi 21. I think i would feel very overweight with a bmi of 25
(In fact i was about that at 9m pg.)
I think it would be ok when i get my middle age spread

LividofLondon Tue 06-Jan-15 22:13:42

I'd forget about BMI charts and go by the amount of fat you can grab. We used to gauge healthy weight by whether we could "pinch more than an inch" or not (around the back of the shoulder blades and around the waist for example), and I think that's a far more accurate way of doing it.

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