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WIBU to leave (consultant appointment)

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onemiddlefinger Tue 06-Jan-15 12:22:21

I've been waiting now for 40min, somebody has taken my blood pressure in the waiting room, no sign of the consultant.
It's an antenatal appointment but I'm not actually sure why i need it.
It's in the middle of a work day, i need to get back.

AuntieStella Tue 06-Jan-15 12:27:16

Is there anyone around to ask how much longer it's likely to take?

ChocolateBiscuitCake Tue 06-Jan-15 12:31:30

It would be foolish to leave - the consultants run into all sorts of issues and emergencies. He/she is not having an extended lunch break or delaying you to be annoying! They are no doubt in a busy hospital dealing with more important issues.

If you have been referred, it would be prudent to wait and see them for your benefit and your unborn child.

As the PP said, have a word with the reception. I am sure your workplace will understand.

ineedtogetthisout Tue 06-Jan-15 12:33:52

I've been one of the people who held up a room full of people when it turned out there was a problem detected with my baby. It happens sometimes unfortunately. I'd just suck it up. There must be a reason why you have a consultant. Your work will have to understand.

Jodie1982 Tue 06-Jan-15 12:33:53

Consultant may have been called into an emergency situation? I usually have a long wait to be seen, and know it's usually due to the hospital being very busy or emergency situations. Maybe ask the receptionist?

partialderivative Tue 06-Jan-15 12:34:29

Yeah. I expect they are just sitting about in a back room drinking tea, eating biscuits and talking about you.

Unexpected Tue 06-Jan-15 12:35:03

You are entitled to time off for antenatal appointments. You won't have been referred to a consultant just for the heck of it. Neither will he be delaying you deliberately, he may well be giving bad news to the patient in front of you or dealing with a complex medical situation. If you had a medical emergency, you wouldn't be happy being ushered out of the room because your "time was up"!

LiegeAndLief Tue 06-Jan-15 12:35:22

I had a lot of antenatal appts in my last pg and the standard wait to see a consultant was about three hours. Get settled in!

brokenhearted55a Tue 06-Jan-15 12:35:46

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

fleurdelacourt Tue 06-Jan-15 12:35:53

my appointments always ran late - in the end, I made sure I always booked the first appointment of the clinic when possible - and always took something to read.

WiggleGinger Tue 06-Jan-15 12:36:47

40 minutes isn't that long in the scheme of things.
Wait, you won't get this appt again

fluffymouse Tue 06-Jan-15 12:38:23

If you left, you would be the only person to lose out.

Your work will understand about the appointment running over, its usual.

Consultant led antenatal clinics are often very overbooked hence long waits. Ask by all means how much longer the wait may be, but don't get angry at the staff as it is not their fault.

Shedding Tue 06-Jan-15 12:51:07

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

onemiddlefinger Tue 06-Jan-15 12:52:31

Thanks all!
I was seen after about 55min, and the appointment pretty much consisted of 3 questions and took about 2,5min.
I guess they just needed to tick a box, but it is annoying to spend 2,5h (with traveling) for a 2,5min appointment

spiritofthetime Tue 06-Jan-15 12:55:16

I've had to wait 4 hours for antenatal checks at hospital. Because there were emergencies the consultants were called away to and I never minded (much!) because if I had been the patient concerned I would want them to prioritise me. Stay for your checks and always take a good book, snacks and water. Good luck!

onemiddlefinger Tue 06-Jan-15 12:55:36

I'm taking a cab back to work as have a meeting at 1 and had thought i'll have plenty of time to be back in time and have lunch.
So no lunch and paying for a cabhmm

ConfusedInBath Tue 06-Jan-15 12:57:53

That's pretty standard tbh.
Like someone said book first appointment if you can next time.

Oldraver Tue 06-Jan-15 13:01:17

Stop fucking moaning. They are not there just to 'tick boxes' ffs

Its to asses whether you or you baby need further investigation or any possibility of being in danger.

That BP check and couple of what seem to you irritable questions could mean all the difference.

ChocolateBiscuitCake Tue 06-Jan-15 13:01:38

Well aren't you lucky that all was okay?

This would be a very different thread had something bad been identified.

You sound very blase about an important, free appointment in the best interests of you and your child.

Some women are not so fortunate and would long to be in your shoes.

Count your blessings.

RandomNPC Tue 06-Jan-15 13:05:01

We're fucking lucky to have the NHS. In ten years time, you'd be paying through the nose to see a Dr at some Virgin MegaClinic.

honeysucklejasmine Tue 06-Jan-15 13:06:36

Last appointment i went to was running 1.5 hours late, i saw them 2 hours after my appointment time. But it was a gynae clinic and he's a top consultant, and someone needed him. If i want his advice, i have to be prepared to wait.

After all, it's free.

GemmaTeller Tue 06-Jan-15 13:10:42

My oncology appointments regularly involve a two hour wait ......

Theoretician Tue 06-Jan-15 13:13:18

it is annoying to spend 2,5h (with traveling) for a 2,5min appointment

As a self-employed person, I lost several hundreds of pounds in earnings taking half-days off work to travel to my GP to get a repeat prescription (from the receptionist, didn't actually have to see a doctor), before they admitted they could do it by fax. They had previously strenuously denied there was any way for the prescription to be issued without me personally visiting the surgery between 9am and 5pm, Monday to Friday. (I asked, I wasn't allowed to send someone else to fetch it.)

SirChenjin Tue 06-Jan-15 13:16:50

I can understand your frustration OP - especially as you don't know what the appointment was for. Can you speak to your midwife and find out, and also check to see if there are likely to be more appointments for the same thing (whatever that thing is) that you could schedule for earlier or later in the day? You are entitled to antenatal appointments, but 2.5 hours in the middle of the day (when it's a 2.5 minute appointment) is a tricky one.

ConfusedInBath Tue 06-Jan-15 13:32:29

There aren't that many appointments with a consultant for ante natal these days I thought?
Or are you consultant care?
If not you probably won't have to see her/him again till the end of your pregnancy. That's presuming you still have a while to go obv.

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