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Aibu to give up on nursery before she's even started

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Aubrianna Mon 05-Jan-15 11:00:41

My dd is 2. The school my older children go to has s 2 year old nursery class which they recently started accepting non funded children for.

At the moment we have a nanny who works full time but I talked to her and she agreed that she would be happy to start two hours later each day and pick her up from nursery to come home at 11.

So since November I have been told there is a nursery place for dd in the mornings. Today we had the home visit and they had run out of morning places so they just switched it to afternoons!

This means our nanny would have her for the morning then have to come back to pick her up at the end plus the other kids. I would have to pay her for the whole day which seems a bit pointless since I would also be paying the school.

I know I am the first person to actually take them up on the paid place and i would feel bad going back on it now but it's going to be really difficult for me!

Aibu to just go in tomorrow and say forget it - our nanny seems happy. To continue full time if I do.

FannyFifer Mon 05-Jan-15 11:03:21

I would forget it, an afternoon place doesn't suit you.
Tell them you have arrangements made for a morning place and can't take an afternoon one.

FunkyBoldRibena Mon 05-Jan-15 11:03:30

Erm - didn't they go back on what they said?

'We don't have a place for her in the mornings now'
Ok, not to worry, thanks'

jendot2 Mon 05-Jan-15 11:37:02

Just say to nursery that no afternoons are not convenient and ask them to let you know when they get a morning space available. Nurseries struggle to fill afternoons so always try to to get you to take the afternoon place if they think they will get away with it. You may find if you decline it a morning place suddenly becomes available smile

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