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To wash my ugg slippers- athletes foot!

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Kab13 Sun 04-Jan-15 06:24:24

Woke up this morning with itchy skin between my toes, all red and sore. (Sorry!)
I'm buying some cream today but I'm pretty sure it's going to be pointless if i use my ugg slippers again as they are bound to infect my feet again.
Can I wash them? Will it even be effective as I'm sure they'll have to go on a hand wash?
Very random thread I know, but I like my uggs and don't want to ruin them

DialMforMummy Sun 04-Jan-15 06:32:48

What if you put anti fugal powder in them? I don't think washing them will do the trick if you don't wash them at a quite high temp.

FrigginFuckinFiggyPudding Sun 04-Jan-15 06:33:40

I put mine in the washing machine on a normal cycle...then air dry them.
They come up all lovely and new. smile

Kab13 Sun 04-Jan-15 06:38:20

I'll try washing them then & then the powder. Didn't want them to lose there softness but suppose it's better than constant athletes foot.

FrigginFuckinFiggyPudding Sun 04-Jan-15 06:44:58

The softness comes back...just use some fabric softener.
And ...they'll stay fluffy.
Think you may have to keep using a little powder between your toes each day to prevent too much soreness.

BikeRunSki Sun 04-Jan-15 07:00:32

I have Celtic sheepskin boots - v similar to Uggs - and machine wash them at 30. You need to use wool wash or soap flakes rather than washing powder. I use grated up soap.

Anydrinkwilldo Sun 04-Jan-15 08:35:10

YABU for wearing slippers without socks <shudders>

scarletforya Sun 04-Jan-15 08:39:56

O.o didn't say she wore no socks.....confused

Open if you wore the uggs without socks it's no wonder you've got a fungal infection!

Kab13 Sun 04-Jan-15 08:53:05

I do wear socks, but they are those thin pop socks. Not thick enough for slippers I think.

Anydrinkwilldo Sun 04-Jan-15 09:14:53

Oh phew, have a real hat/bordering on phobia of shoes & slippers with no socks.

Vinegar is your best friend. Soak your feet in white vinegar and water twice a day. Also I'd you are going to wash the slippers in the machine throw in some white vinegar with them. Not enough to make them smell but it gets rid of fungal infections great.

Actually also read rub vicks on the patches too.

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