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To book this holiday over christmas?

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Sylviesleep Sun 04-Jan-15 01:18:23

DH and I have decided to take DSs to lapland this year ... We feel that it's the perfect time to go this year as they are at a good age. I have spotted a great deal going on the 24th Dec so spending christmas there - it is much cheaper than the other limited dates we can go due to work. I think going over christmas time will make it even more special
However the problem is FIL. He is widowed, MIL died 18 mo ago. DH is an only child although FIL does have other family (his DM is still alive plus 2DSis who he is very close to) so it would mean he wouldnt be alone at christmas but he would be without his son and family. FIL has made it clear he isn't interested in going to lapland as he would be welcome to come. WIBU to book the holiday over christmas. We are going on holiday with FIL to the canaries in May if that makes up for it - hopeful face :-)


iwantgin Sun 04-Jan-15 01:21:16


You will be giving him plenty of notice to make alternative arrangements.

JennyBlueWren Sun 04-Jan-15 09:13:12

YANBU. Talk to him about it now and suggest you can visit each other afterwards so he can hear all about it from his GSs.
If it had been the first Christmas without his DW then it would be different but if he has someone else to go to so he wouldn't be alone then I think it's fine and he'd probably want you to enjoy yourselves.

Hotbot Sun 04-Jan-15 09:30:32

We've just got back from lapland , didn't stay for Xmas day tho, it was magical, fabulous, amazing ... Go, go, go

ClashCityRocker Sun 04-Jan-15 09:32:16


And I'm not jealous a bit hah

But give grandad plenty of notice for other arrangements.

Andrewofgg Sun 04-Jan-15 09:34:16

YANBU: you have your own lives to lead, and the DSs will soon be too old to enjoy it. But do what you can to make sure he is not alone.

Cobain Sun 04-Jan-15 09:50:49

Will you DH be ok with it closer to the time? I was in a similar situation with my parents and found I stressed out more about it than my Dad at dates and anniversaries. My dad would of wanted me to go on a trip like yours, but my own grief (unwarranted guilt) probably would of stopped me.

MamaPizza Sun 04-Jan-15 11:10:18

We were in Lapland just before Christmas. It was magical, GO!!!

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