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Waiting on out of hours doctor coming round..

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shouldnthavesaid Sat 03-Jan-15 18:05:55

I'm absolutely mortified. I work for the nhs, have come down with some sort of fluey thing. I can't move, can't get my fever down, can't eat or drink much. Cant stop coughing either, keep retching/vomiting. I am peeing but it's difficult and I'm a bit incotinent..

Phoned nhs 24 this morning hoping to get a bit of reassurance. No, yet asked if I could head to out of hours. It's ten miles away, a ten minute walk, a bus and then a ten minute walk. Potentially I'd be out for two-three hours if casualty was busy. And I'd have to wait for a bus home. Fair enough though, I'm only 23. and I thought I'd be ok, then projectile vomiting.

Mum (who I'm staying with) rang them back. Long and the short of it, they rang at 1ish and said someone is coming out to see me at some stage before 10ish, to keep doing self care and rest.

I can't believe someone is coming out. The last time I had that I had a major op and was bedridden!

Should I apologise or be thankful for what I'm being offered?

Fever might be affecting my thinking by the way, if I sound mad!

shouldnthavesaid Sat 03-Jan-15 18:07:53

Oh sugar wrong section, sorry

marne2 Sat 03-Jan-15 18:14:00

Be grateful. We gave had a home visit once a few year ago when dh and I were struck down with stomach flu, we were struggling to look after 2 young dc's so a doctor came out and fave us anti sickness injections, we were very grateful.

Hope you are ok xx

Babiecakes11 Sat 03-Jan-15 18:18:11

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

KittyandTeal Sat 03-Jan-15 18:20:38

I'd be grateful, I'm sure they wouldn't send someone round if they didn't think you needed it. They're probably glad you're not out at the walk in spreading it around.

If it helps the last call out I had was when I was 2yo for a burst ear drum, by the time the doc arrived I was playing bouncing on mummy and daddy's bed! The doc didn't mind (although he/she may if you are jumping on the bed when they arrive)

CallMeExhausted Sat 03-Jan-15 18:29:21

I vote for thankful - as I live in a place where there is no such thing as visiting doctors.

Hoppinggreen Sat 03-Jan-15 18:48:03

Be thankful.
I was refused an out of hours visit couple of years ago with a very poorly 2 year Old and 5 year old. DH was away and so was any local family.
Eventually after I told the person I spoke to that I was making a note of their name I was told a GP would come ( midnight by now). By 2am we were all asleep and next morning I went to the out of hours ( neighbour came with me). The GP never visited and we had no follow up call.
Obviously if I had thought the children were in any danger I would have braved the drunks in A&E at midnight on a Saturday
Hope you feel better soon OP

PacificDogwood Sat 03-Jan-15 18:52:05

For the record, YANBU grin

Totally agree with accept what's being offered.
House visits are offered according to clinical need, not age, so the fact that you are young does not come in to it.

I was once offered (and accepted) and HV after I had rung my GP's surgery looking for a same day appointment for DS2 whose asthma had flared and I could not control. DS1 was also ill with a cold and I had a new baby. They offered me a visit and could have wept with relief as the thought of dragging all 3 of them out (which I would have done) was just a bit much.
DS2 ended up being nebuliser at home and had his meds/inhalers changed and all was well.

Hope you feel better very soon thanks

SpottyTeacakes Sat 03-Jan-15 18:55:08

Poor you! They won't mind coming out. Ooh always used to visit when I was young, there was no ooh centre. I hope you feel better soon thanks

shouldnthavesaid Mon 05-Jan-15 13:43:35

They did come out, at 1am after phoning and demanding to know why I felt I was important enough to get a home visit? Thankfully my mum spoke to them as I wasnt well, hallucinating and all sorts. Confused as I am sure that they offered the visit themselves but j don't know. When the doctor did dome round he said I was fine and to go to bed. Mum wanted to call QN ambhuqlcne but never did.

Still coughing til retching, fever up and down, dizzy,breathing too fast and keep nodding off but we shall see how it goes. GP is apparently ringing today.

FannyFifer Mon 05-Jan-15 13:46:39

What are u taking meds wise?

shouldnthavesaid Mon 05-Jan-15 13:49:42

Benilyn, ibuprofen, paracetomal, karvol, and vix. Have also been borrowing my mums blue inhalers when I get into bad coughing\wheezy fits which helps a lot.

shouldnthavesaid Mon 05-Jan-15 15:06:40

GP just off the phone. Have to get to surgery for various things including peak flow, oxygen levels, all sorts.. Difficult as still at my mums but did say there is an appointment scheduled for 4.40 and not to rush too much.

shouldnthavesaid Mon 05-Jan-15 18:08:40

Have doxycycline, cocodamol, weird cough mixture, and a sick note for 7 days. Oh dear.

Fabulous46 Mon 05-Jan-15 18:14:38

That virus is doing the rounds. Most of my colleagues have been ill over the Christmas break as I have. It lasts for around 5 days. Put Vick on your feet and cover with warm socks when you go to bed, it sorted us out as well as ibuprofen, paracetamol and covonia cough mixture.

SpottyTeacakes Mon 05-Jan-15 18:35:22

Hope the antibiotics kick in quickly for you. Sorry the ooh was so shit angry

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