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To make my partner sit in the kitchen

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WrappedInABlankie Sat 03-Jan-15 17:16:37

He's just walked In with the fowlest smelling kebab it's disgusting in smell and sight. He's been sent to the kitchen to avoid me vomiting confused it smells horrid

Can not understand how anyone eats them things envyconfused

ScrambledeggLDCcakeBOAK Sat 03-Jan-15 17:28:19

It's your relationship so you know if that would be ok but I wouldn't do that to my dp

He eats all sorts of things that give me the proper dry heave eggs, beans kebabs, liver to name but a few but that's my issue and wouldn't impose it on him just as he wouldn't on me if I have say salmon which he can't stand the smell of I wouldn't be made to eat in the kitchen.

I suppose it's each to their own though in you own home and all that.

ScrambledeggLDCcakeBOAK Sat 03-Jan-15 17:29:46

Of course if your pregnant all bets are off and your rules must be obeyed as that's a whole different kettle of fish! grin

WrappedInABlankie Sat 03-Jan-15 17:32:54

Yes I'm 15+6 and still studding with all day morning sickness

We usually eat the same things just kebabs are a no go since a friend found a family of maggots in theirs confused

ScrambledeggLDCcakeBOAK Sat 03-Jan-15 17:35:19

Ah see that changes things, you should have led with that! smile

A decent kebab place would never have kebab meat with maggots by the way I worked in one as a teenager and we were very carefull how we kept it.

MinnieM1 Sat 03-Jan-15 17:36:59

Oh I could so eat a big fat greasy kebab right about now!

WrappedInABlankie Sat 03-Jan-15 17:37:00

Haha I meant to add it but totally forgot lol.

It was a kebab van in a car park haha

ShumbTucker Sat 03-Jan-15 17:40:11

If you can't stand it, I will find it a good home. I'm generous like that.

WrappedInABlankie Sat 03-Jan-15 17:43:27

Sorry MN he ate it in the kitchen haha didn't even moan bless him

KarmaViolet Sat 03-Jan-15 18:12:22

YANBU, I'd have considered making him sit outside on a park bench. The kitchen seems an acceptable compromise.

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