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How would you have reacted to this man?

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SnapeChat Sat 03-Jan-15 12:19:55

Message deleted by MNHQ. Here's a link to our Talk Guidelines.

Elmersnewfriend Sat 03-Jan-15 12:22:22

He sounds like an arse, pure and simple.

I don't get why the Christian bit is relevant though? Surely there are as many Christian wankers as athiest wankers?

Chocolateteacake Sat 03-Jan-15 12:25:00

I would've commented about although technically there is more mass to a male brain, over half is dedicated to his bollocks.

SnapeChat Sat 03-Jan-15 12:28:34

Message deleted by MNHQ. Here's a link to our Talk Guidelines.

Sceptimum Sat 03-Jan-15 12:31:10

I'd have laughed at him in an "are you serious" way and if he was just completely ignore him for the rest of the evening. Not worth ruining a house warming of friends for but also not worth a jot of my time or thought.
I am kind of bemused by why he felt winning was so important he needed to insult half the room. Was there even a prize?

JeanSeberg Sat 03-Jan-15 12:31:36

I'm surprised you mentioned the Christianity aspect, surely the church is one of the most misogynistic organisations that exists.

Yes I would have said something - will you come across him again?

Inselaffe Sat 03-Jan-15 12:31:41

Elmer I guess the OP means that by being so wankerish he wasn't being very Christian. YANBU OP but honestly a lot of so-called Christians aren't very Christian in their behaviour. It was one of the main reasons I lost my faith. One that always sticks in my craw is David Cameron's very loud proclaimation of faith when he rabidly advocates policies that have such a deleterious effect on theach weakest members of society that any true Christian would try to help (based on the teachings of Jesus rather than the OT).

I'd have called him out on it, loudly and it would have descended into a huge argument, but then I have no patience with those sort of people.

Chocolateteacake Sat 03-Jan-15 12:32:19

I think if youd've challenged him he would have had some nasty comebacks up his sleeve (I assume he talks to agitate) and it would have been pretty uncomfortable all round.

He is just an arse and I pity his wife. Better to ridicule than pull him up.

OneDayWhenIGrowUp Sat 03-Jan-15 12:37:00

I would have challenged him, for sure. It wouldn't have been me making people feel uncomfortable- he'd have been the sexist one, not me.

Icimoi Sat 03-Jan-15 12:40:35

I'd want to ask him on that basis whether he thinks he's more intelligent than, say, Dame Stella Rimington, or the various women who have become senior judges and medical consultants or who run international PLCs. And if so, how come he hasn't done better than them in his career.

AlpacaStockingOnChristmasEve Sat 03-Jan-15 12:44:27

I wouldn't have challenged him as such. I wouldn't want to create an unpleasant atmosphere at someone else's party. But I wouldn't want anything to do with him and I certainly wouldn't choose to associate with him in the future.

iamusuallybeingunreasonable Sat 03-Jan-15 12:46:21

Well he has a point, there were 16 of you in teams of ten?!

VanitasVanitatum Sat 03-Jan-15 12:49:46

I wouldn't have challenged him either, because of the atmosphere etc. if I knew them better I would definitely have said something but then I wouldn't be close to someone who felt that way.

I would definitely not want to socialise with this guy in future. How did his wife seem? Did she look upset by his comments?

BobbyBingoooo Sat 03-Jan-15 12:52:25

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

SnapeChat Sat 03-Jan-15 12:56:07

Message deleted by MNHQ. Here's a link to our Talk Guidelines.

CaulkheadUpNorth Sat 03-Jan-15 12:57:54

Are you in the midlands? This sounds very much like a party my housemate was at...

Fluffyears Sat 03-Jan-15 12:58:23

Women have slightly smaller brain but they are wired up better...kinda like most things in a woman.

SnapeChat Sat 03-Jan-15 13:06:11

Message deleted by MNHQ. Here's a link to our Talk Guidelines.

TestingTestingWonTooFree Sat 03-Jan-15 13:10:19

I would have laughed in his face like it was obviously a joke. Arsehole.

BilboTheAlmighty Sat 03-Jan-15 13:10:32

Wales are mammals with enormous brains... Do that make them more intelligent than him? (probably actually...)

I would have made a very sarcastic comment about his male-orientated preoccupation with size...

BilboTheAlmighty Sat 03-Jan-15 13:10:51

"Whales" even...

BathshebaDarkstone Sat 03-Jan-15 13:13:58

Unfortunately you get sexist wankers in most religions. I'm a pagan, so not so many there, they tend to be beard-and-sandals types. smile

UrbaneLandlord Sat 03-Jan-15 13:17:33

Did he call his team "The Disciples"?

editthis Sat 03-Jan-15 13:18:57

Urgh, it's impossible to argue with people that stupid; they won't listen and will adore justifying themselves for the attention they get. I'd have rolled my eyes at everyone else in the room and got on with enjoying myself. (And winning.)

AnnieLobeseder Sat 03-Jan-15 13:22:07

I would have laughed in his face with a comment long the lines of "Wow, I'd heard people with sexist options from the last century still existed, but I never thought I'd actually meet one. Can I get a photo to prove the other other scientists in my lab that I met a real dinosaur?"

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