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is it just me or are department store workers

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lemisscared Fri 02-Jan-15 21:18:48

a teensy bit, well. um, sullen, rude and without customer service skills??

apologies if you work in a department store and are nice but this is my experience. ...they all seem to be cut with the same cloth, middle aged (like me) , middle class wannabes who regard customers as an intrusion to their day??

so today have been to the shops - sport shop (dm i think) to buy dp some running shoes. the assistant couldn't have been more helpful, knowledgeable and friendly. (dp was a nightmare and tried on every pair in the shop! !). Then off to m&s where i bought a lovely new scarf - lady was lovely and we ooohed and ahhed over my bargain. Then superdrug - the young girlie was lovely and friendly.

Then fenwick - a shop selling what i consider to be luxury items (as in stuff i don't NEED) Omfg, rude!! i found some lovely cups in the sale so off i went enthusing over my bargain - the woman looked at me like i was mad. did not say one word past the cost of the items etc. The woman selling the nespresso machines was even worse. we adked some questions and as we clearly already own a machine she was stroppy to say the least.

Surely Fenwick is where the staff should be even more friendly and chatty to sell the stuff people dont really need?

Dp said it was due to the fact id spilt mustard down my coat and we looked a bit scruffy today.

Writerwannabe83 Fri 02-Jan-15 21:23:55

DH and I went to Mothercare today and the shop floor assistant was quite rude and patronising to us when we were asking about car seats. We were not impressed.

DH did look a little scruffy grin

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