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to think that horses should just walk everywhere?

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Weirdbeard Fri 02-Jan-15 19:57:22

All these horse boxes on the roads. What's with this? I thought the point of a horse was that you ride on it.

I mean, really?

Weirdbeard Fri 02-Jan-15 19:57:47

And don't get me started on car transporters.

Notsuretoday Fri 02-Jan-15 19:58:31

Seriously? hmm

ChantenayCarrot1 Fri 02-Jan-15 19:59:15

Are you on glue luv?

BathshebaDarkstone Fri 02-Jan-15 19:59:35


CatCushion Fri 02-Jan-15 19:59:52

Horses riders are not allowed on public highways such as A roads, only 'green lanes' and bridleways and certain other routes where permission is granted.

Gruntfuttock Fri 02-Jan-15 20:00:21

When I read the title I thought it would be someone complaining about a horse sitting next to them on the bus or something.

IrianofWay Fri 02-Jan-15 20:02:51

And they should fold their buggies on the bus!

HowCanIMissYouIfYouWontGoAway Fri 02-Jan-15 20:04:25

maybe they are not wanting to ride the horse but transport it a very long way to some event or other.

I mean, I can't see them wanting to ride a horse 60 miles to a showjumping event. can you?

as for car transporters - taking a load of brand new cars to a dealer on one big lorry v getting a dozen drivers to drive cars and reduce value by having miles on the clock then getting them to hitch back down the motorway?

I see big camper vans with little cars attached. Brilliant idea. Means you get where you're going but don't have to drive the massive van round all week.

wetotter Fri 02-Jan-15 20:06:31

Horses are allowed on A roads. But not motorways or designated bicycle tracks and footpaths/pavements (according to the Highway Code).

< now, can we get cyclists and pedestrians off bridleways?>

Mrsmorton Fri 02-Jan-15 20:06:33

catchshion are you sure about that? It sounds wrong to me. Source?

GraysAnalogy Fri 02-Jan-15 20:06:50

Suppose them going on a motorway is okay then?

Don't be daft. Imagine if they went everywhere.

When I used to have to get the bus to work every other morning 2 women would ride their horses on a busy main road and it would hold all the morning work traffic up. It would infuriate us.

MehsMum Fri 02-Jan-15 20:07:01

What the actual....? The OP is one something, right?

Cat, horses are allowed on roads. It's just that there are lots of roads where no one in their right mind would ride a horse - and you are not allowed to ride on the footpath (para 54 in the Highway Code).

This does limit you rather. Hence horse boxes.

70isaLimitNotaTarget Fri 02-Jan-15 20:08:45

They might be off to an event.
Would you like to walk into London, run a marathon and walk home?
Didn't think so.

hoobypickypicky Fri 02-Jan-15 20:08:46

YABU. They should utilise their hidden wings and fly.

Rosieposy4 Fri 02-Jan-15 20:09:37

And every other person wants us not to ride on the roads hmm
It's to go to competitions usually OP, and we need lots of stuff, changes of tack, feed etc which would be rather hard to carry, not to mention horse might be a bit tired if she had to walk eg the 50 miles up the A1 ( not allowed anyway) to Richmond, or wherever.

Fabulous46 Fri 02-Jan-15 20:09:39

It's a bit difficult to ride horses 100+ miles to some events, not to mention cruel. Apart from that, I often take up to 4 horses eventing and it's not really an option to ride all 4 there grin

tazzle22 Fri 02-Jan-15 20:10:15

well weird... just in case this is a serious question .... sometimes horses go in a horsebox in order to...

go to vet
go to shows
visit friends
go somewhere new to hack out on bridleways
go for lessons

Catcushion, I dont know where you get the idea horses are not allowed on public highways........... the highway code even tells motorists how to pass horses.

thecatfromjapan Fri 02-Jan-15 20:13:41

They're a menace running about in the veg aisle in Sainsbury. And they eat grapes without paying!!!!!

Charlesroi Fri 02-Jan-15 20:13:51

Catcushion, I dont know where you get the idea horses are not allowed on public highways........... the highway code even tells motorists how to pass horses.

Strangely, a lot of people don't seem to have read that bit.

gobbynorthernbird Fri 02-Jan-15 20:14:38

I don't get those boats that little planes ride on. Think of the time wasted just cruising along.

thecatfromjapan Fri 02-Jan-15 20:15:21

Car transporters = buses for cars. Everyone knows this.

gobbynorthernbird Fri 02-Jan-15 20:18:17

thecat, surely more of a car carpool.

Blackout234 Fri 02-Jan-15 20:18:32

Yes because I should ride my horse 75 miles before having them jump 5.5ft obstacles, then I should ride them 75miles home...

thecatfromjapan Fri 02-Jan-15 20:20:15

Gobby - grin - yes, and there's always one car that doesn't do it's fair share of giving lifts.

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