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to think a weks holiday in school summer holiday to puerto pollensa majorca for under1k for 4 is a blooody good deal, and dh should worship my money saving abilities

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magicpixie Fri 02-Jan-15 13:49:38

just been reading about where people are going next year and much they are paying and it made me realise what bloody good deals I find, this year and last doing the same great holiday

one week at the start of the school holidays
in a very nice apartment with air con full kitchen sat tv great wifi, 2 mins from lovely beach ina really good resort
for all four of us for under 1k inc flights apartments and transfers

ClumsyParents Fri 02-Jan-15 13:58:47

Please tell me who it's with and which apartments. That seems a great deal. Would like us to go away with Mum this year but as she works in a school it needs to be in school holidays.

badRoly Fri 02-Jan-15 14:01:48

What Clumsy said ^ Sounds like a great deal!

magicpixie Fri 02-Jan-15 14:08:11

same holiday via thomsons is 2400
all booked seperatley

flights with monarch
transfers with resort hopper
and apartment booked direct

5Foot5 Fri 02-Jan-15 14:45:24

Erm - so when you say your DH should worship your money saving abilities, does that mean you feel he doesn't? Is he sounding less than thrilled at the amazing bargain you have found? Is he out of touch with what holidays cost at that time of year?

RufusTheReindeer Fri 02-Jan-15 15:02:51

Goodness!! Well done magic

We are looking at flights of £400 each for Portugal so you have got a real bargain there!!

SantasLittleMonkeyButler Fri 02-Jan-15 15:06:46

I agree - total bargain!

We paid way more than that for a week in Majorca last May.

In what way does your DH not appreciate your brilliance at sourcing cheap holidays? Does he think it should all be done for 50p & a bag of grapes?

BackforGood Fri 02-Jan-15 15:11:06

Can we hire you to find us such deals too? grin

Celticlass2 Fri 02-Jan-15 15:11:52

Magic Fab price. Booking everything seperately is the way to go. I don't know why people use travel agents any more.

ElizabethHoover Fri 02-Jan-15 15:13:27

Do get good insurance op. We did similar. When kiss flights went bust we were scuppered as the accommodation was still available so insurance wasn't valid. Even the abta thing is amazingly complicated to claim. Luckily I had contacts at the local court to get an affidavit sworn for free to claim for abta but I would never risk it again.

ElizabethHoover Fri 02-Jan-15 15:14:18

Your insurance from your bank account is pretty much worthless in these instances.

Cheesymonster Fri 02-Jan-15 15:14:26

My favourite holiday destination, so jealous! Have you been before OP? make sure you visit the big bar called Boneys I the square, it's awesome.

RedSoloCup Fri 02-Jan-15 15:18:16

Sounds good which apartments OP?

We normally go to The Flora but we're going elsewhere this year.

Sallycinnamum Fri 02-Jan-15 15:18:31

Love PP. We're off there again in the May half term.

You'll have a great time OP. Lovely beach and the restaurants are fab.

magicpixie Fri 02-Jan-15 15:19:04

oh thanks guysgrin

dh just sort of goes, oh yeah that's good, in a yes yes dear type way

when I want him to say pixie wow your brilliant grin

I'm the main holiday organiser, but he does seem to realise how much hols cost
I told him the price with thomsons

I always book good insurance as soon as i book flights

magicpixie Fri 02-Jan-15 15:20:32

been to pp about 4-5 times, love it there.
never been to Boneys though

GaryBaldy Fri 02-Jan-15 15:22:36

Pixie you ARE brilliant.

When are you going and where are you flying from? I can't find flights for that!

Aeroflotgirl Fri 02-Jan-15 15:23:27

That is marvellous magic, well done you fsmile

magicpixie Fri 02-Jan-15 15:24:42

luton to palma

booked in sept 2014
so maybe prices have gone up?

Celticlass2 Fri 02-Jan-15 15:40:30

Is it for Summer holidays pixie?

magicpixie Fri 02-Jan-15 15:47:29

yes start of the summer hols 2015.
1 week.

like ot do two weeks really but have choice between two week abroad or one week abroad and a few uk mini breaks
[actually that would make a good thread] grin

we would rather have a few uk mini breaks too to spread it out a bit

Coconutty Fri 02-Jan-15 15:52:26

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Celticlass2 Fri 02-Jan-15 16:01:47

Wow Magic that would even be a great price for easter or may half term, but for summer holidays it's very impressive!
Agree with you about spreading out your holidays. Good to always have something to look forward to smile

QueenofLouisiana Fri 02-Jan-15 17:22:43

Wow! If I give you my holiday plans can you work your magic for me? I promise to worship your abilities daily grin

SquirmOfEels Fri 02-Jan-15 17:31:37

If you are inspired by this experienced and worshipful e-booking pixie, but haven't explored direct holiday villa/apartment booking before, do read this article on potential scams and make sure you are booking for real. (though sites have tightened up a lot since last year).

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