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AIBU to be shocked at the willingness for people to give over info about their children to randoms online

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Somemothers Thu 01-Jan-15 19:51:17

Just been on FB and soomone was asking for people to play mine craft with her child primary age

Then under comments dozens of people just giving over their child's min carft I'd say oh yes so and so would love to play

they have no fucking idea who the poster is and the poster if genuine has no idea who the people replying are it could be a 40 year old from Stoke rather than another 7 year old

I am just like shock at the amount of people who replied who just trust the poster is genuine their are so many cat fishes on line just so shocked

Somemothers Thu 01-Jan-15 19:53:25

Also on a side not so many people willing to get involved with do you know this person post weather a child or a adult

Just because the poster says it's a long lost aunt it could be a abusive ex after their girlfriend a birth parent trying to trace a child in the care of ss or adopted it's actually so shocking how many people take post on FB at face value

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