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Right, you bloody lovely bunch, over here please for Norksy's annual resolution suggestion

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NorksAreMessy Wed 31-Dec-14 22:07:10

If you have not made a resolution, may I respectfully suggest that you totter down to the blood bank just ONCE in 2015 and help save someone's life?
It doesn't hurt, they give you biscuits and they have lovely swingy chairs that turn you upside down if you go a bit woozy.
Plus you come out walking about 2feet off the ground because you have done something AMAZING

This is in honour of Joe Trazzletoes who is an inspiration to us all.

Bloody happy new year to you all thanks

OiMissus Wed 31-Dec-14 22:12:31

Great idea.
Well done.
I'm in.
Happy New Year!

Charingcrossbun Wed 31-Dec-14 22:14:14

Me too.
I love free biccie!

Waltonswatcher Wed 31-Dec-14 22:18:43

They don't want me Norksy -I don't flow apparently ! Dh used to do platelets but they don't want him anymore either (stroke).
How big do baby waltons need to be!?!

NorksAreMessy Wed 31-Dec-14 22:29:36

flowers YAY to oimissus
flowers YAY to charingcrossbun
Well done both, you have made a wonderful resolution

waltons and mrwaltons my apologies. I know LOTS of people can't donate for various reasons.

I have just remembered that last. Year I put in a suggestion that if you CAN'T donate, you might nag encourage someone else to do so on your behalf.

little Waltons need to be 17 to donate and won't they feel brill if they can?

cheminotte Wed 31-Dec-14 22:31:33

Great suggestion. Unfortunately I'm too anemic though.

HeartsTrumpDiamonds Wed 31-Dec-14 22:31:37

I can't donate but will encourage DH to do so.

How old do you have to be? 16 or 18?

RemusLupinsBiggestGroupie Wed 31-Dec-14 22:31:53

I can't, but dp does it several times a year and I sympathise over his plaster later. 17 year old dd2 is muttering about wanting to go with him next time.

NorksAreMessy Wed 31-Dec-14 22:35:18

YAY for all 17 year olds stepping up to the plate! flowers <<< flowers might not be cool enough for 17 year olds. How about a bear ?, ummm, fbiscuit

RemusLupinsBiggestGroupie Wed 31-Dec-14 22:37:23


CallMeExhausted Thu 01-Jan-15 00:58:26

If not for the availability of blood products from generous donors, my 9 year old daughter would not be with us any more. Thank you so very much, and please keep donating if you can. You never know how code to home it may affect you.

All the best of 2015 to all of you.

CallMeExhausted Thu 01-Jan-15 00:59:09

Sigh... code = close.

Apparently autocorrect doesn't take NYE off.

OhHolyChildOfGallifrey Thu 01-Jan-15 01:21:56

Have they changed the rules yet regarding donating after a transfusion? I heard whispers of them allowing it after a certain number of years had passed since transfusion?

I have a rare blood type and would gladly start donating again if I could.

ZingTheGreat Thu 01-Jan-15 01:24:58

oh I'd love to but not allowed while BF and other reasons

but i did give blood when i was 21. and will do again when I can "qualify" to be a blood donor.

Happy New Year!

nousernamesleft Thu 01-Jan-15 01:25:36

As a pp, if not for blood donors, neither me or my amazing dd would be here, so thank you all.
I was a regular donor until I was given a transfusion, and they didn't want me anymore. Such a simple, but worthwhile thing to do.

Honeydragon Thu 01-Jan-15 01:51:46

I am already a committee chair swinger and biscuit eater but I'm determined to drag at least one newb with me this year, ideally two.

ChippingInLovesChristmasLights Thu 01-Jan-15 01:58:36

I'm a good girl, I do it, despite feeling very very crap afterwards, every 4 months. I always think of MNers & The Little MNers, those that made it & those that didn't.

Whooshtheyweregone Thu 01-Jan-15 02:00:51

I used to donate regularly until I received several units of blood after a ruptured ectopic pregnancy. I do however nag DH lots and he donates now as often as he is allowed to. Thank you to all who donate.

ChippingInLovesChristmasLights Thu 01-Jan-15 02:05:18

Love the new chairs! They do make a huge difference, especially if they listen to you when you say you're a slow riser!

NorksAreMessy Thu 01-Jan-15 02:08:05

Ooh, I can't sleep and have wandered back here to find all you bloody lovelies!

MissCallMeExhausted is utterly FAB and the reason, along with nouser and Missnouser, that we are doing this.
You can make all the resolutions about no chocolate, gym every day and running marathons, but this one is EASY and saves people's lives.

Breast feeders, you are just fine to donate as long as your baby is over 6. Months
Transfusioneers, I am sorry to say that the rules are still against you at the. Moment, but please mug someone else for their good red stuff.

cricketpitch Thu 01-Jan-15 02:22:11

I do, as often as I can. (Donated just before Xmas) and my DD just turned 17 is on the list and looking forward to her first session next month. You never know when you might need it. Good to remind us Norks - it was due to a MN thread a couple of years ago that I got back into doing it - I'd lost the habit but followed a link posted by a MNer and made the appointment.

LittleprincessinGOLDrocks Thu 01-Jan-15 02:33:23

It is thanks to the kindness of blood donors that I am still here today, and that I made it home to spend Christmas 2014 with my children.
I am so grateful to everyone who takes the time and effort to donate. Thank you!

Bluestocking Thu 01-Jan-15 02:33:29

Good reminder, I donated in October this year after a long hiatus and am already booked in to donate again in April. I will encourage my colleagues to donate too - the blood service come onto campus with their swingy chairs and biscuits so it's all very easy!

ZingTheGreat Thu 01-Jan-15 02:49:38


I didn't know that. he is 5.5 months

I had my gallbladder out 2 months ago, was jaundiced in August (due to biliary colic) - what's the rule about those things?

in Hungary I could not give blood for 6 months, a year or even longer after giving birth/surgery under GA /big weightloss or weight gain, having taken certain medicines etc - I never thought to check rules here!

when I gave blood there I had to fill in a very detailed form and many who turned up were refused for the oddest things (to us)!

I should investigate criteria for qualifying to be a blood donor.

nokidshere Thu 01-Jan-15 03:08:25

My DS would not be here now if it weren't for the people who donate Blood. So Thank You to you all x

Unfortunately I am not one of them because they wont have my blood having given me some of theirs back in 2001!!!!! I have tried - honest!

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