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To wonder why Sheridan Smith has been given a doodah in the NY honours?

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ArsenicStew Wed 31-Dec-14 10:03:28

She's okay and nice and everything but she's only 33 and at least eight years of her career are accounted for by that awful crisps/lager programme.

DoctorDonnaNoble Wed 31-Dec-14 10:04:27

Probably more to do with her theatre work. Which is, by all accounts, impressive.

Bartlebee Wed 31-Dec-14 10:07:56

And so has James Corden. Ugh.

Spinaroo Wed 31-Dec-14 10:11:45

I thought she was outstanding in that 7.43 or whatever thing last year.

MsWendyHouse Wed 31-Dec-14 10:12:55

Oh if it's for stage musicals, no wonder I'm baffled.


arlagirl Wed 31-Dec-14 10:13:50

Lots of theatre work.
I think she's superb.

Mintyy Wed 31-Dec-14 10:14:58

I don't get it either (even though I am extremely minisculely distantly related).

MsSheridanSmith Wed 31-Dec-14 10:20:11

I'm going to pinch her name. It's clearly her year. Maybe something will rub off grin

(If I can NC competently)

MsSheridanSmith Wed 31-Dec-14 10:22:43

Isn't 33 a bit young though, no matter how good you are or are not?

It devalues the whole thing a bit, doesn't it?

Or am I just feeling old?

StillProcrastinating Wed 31-Dec-14 10:23:21

She's fab.

southeastastra Wed 31-Dec-14 10:25:25

James corden got one for what?? it does seem silly

PinkSquash Wed 31-Dec-14 10:27:30

She was great in Mr Stink and she's nice IRL, but the honours list stuff always baffles me tbh.

yumyuminmytum Wed 31-Dec-14 10:28:46

It's probably because they're running out of slebs to give honours to.

Theboodythatrocked Wed 31-Dec-14 10:30:32

She's good at her well paid job.

So why does that get an honour?

Whole thing is ridiculous anyway.

angelos02 Wed 31-Dec-14 10:32:06

Coz she's good at reading out lines that someone else has written for her with a convincing look on her face. Tis acting. Very valuable.

Spinaroo Wed 31-Dec-14 10:33:20

The 7.43 was a bbc programme she was in last year.

YouTheCat Wed 31-Dec-14 10:34:54

Looking at some of the names on the honours list (Tory donors etc and other self-serving shites) I'd rather something like this went to a talented woman.

She's an excellent actress who has come a long way.

SirChenjin Wed 31-Dec-14 10:35:00

I don't get it either - but then I've only seen her on the TV and not the stage. She doesn't strike me as an outstanding actress confused

I don't understand the whole honours list thing - unless someone has contributed massively above and beyond the call of duty to society. Most seem to be given out to slebs and managers in the public sector/civil service as far as I can see.

Spinaroo Wed 31-Dec-14 10:35:12

Except I have just googled it and it was the 7.39 blush. My characters would have been late for work.

For you mswendyhouse

MardyBra Wed 31-Dec-14 10:35:21

7.43 was ok but hardly ground-breaking. Olivia Coleman was better in it imo.

MsSheridanSmith Wed 31-Dec-14 10:36:18

The 7.43 was a bbc programme she was in last year.

7.39. Just found it on IMDB.

MsSheridanSmith Wed 31-Dec-14 10:36:58

Ah X post Spin smile

Whooshtheyweregone Wed 31-Dec-14 10:39:01

Sheridan Smith's will be for her outstanding theatre work. James Corden does a lot of charity work.

MissBattleaxe Wed 31-Dec-14 10:43:17

She started off in 2 Pints of Lager, was incredible in Mrs Biggs, was outstanding in Cilla ( watch the scene where she belts out Anyone Who Had a Heart. Goosebumps), she has performed Sondheim ( tricky), and earned rave reviews for the lead role in Legally Blonde on the west end Stage.

She is genuinely talented, did everything on her own merit with no privileges to start her off, keeps her clothes on , is very professional and by all accounts very nice.

Not bad for 33.

TendonQueen Wed 31-Dec-14 10:45:14

I don't have a problem with this. She's a good and well liked actress who can sing too. Bet the public would rather she had an honour than someone who's worked at Buck House for 20 years or who is a Tory donor. If they're all essentially meaningless then there's no problem either.

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