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cancelling smear

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afreshstartplease Wed 31-Dec-14 09:07:48

Aibu to be considering cancelling the smear I have booked this week?
It's my first one and I'm nearly 27



FayKorgasm Wed 31-Dec-14 09:08:59

There's nothing to be scared of. Its a bit uncomfy but it takes less than minute.

Bunbaker Wed 31-Dec-14 09:10:05

Yes, very. Just get it over and done with. Doctors' practices have nurses that do them all the time so they are well used to dealing with nervous women, and can do a smear really quickly with the minimum of fuss.

afreshstartplease Wed 31-Dec-14 09:10:24

Does that minute not feel like a lifetime though sad

Aeroflotgirl Wed 31-Dec-14 09:10:24

No don't. There is nothing to worry, mine took no time at all and was very quick and painless.

Sizzlesthedog Wed 31-Dec-14 09:10:31

Don't cancel. It doesn't hurt, really isn't that embarrassing. Could save your life.

Bexicles Wed 31-Dec-14 09:10:33

Please don't cancel it! It will be over in a couple of minutes! Take some deep breathes and try to relax. I had mine last months and it really wasn't as bad as I built it up to be. X

Theorientcalf Wed 31-Dec-14 09:11:01


What are you scared of? It doesn't hurt, can be a bit uncomfortable. The last one I had DS was sitting on my tummy and I didn't even notice!

woowoo22 Wed 31-Dec-14 09:11:17

Please go. It won't be too bad.

I had to go to one postnatally and was bricking it due to experience in hospital before DS's birth, but it was fine.

The nurse was kindly but matter of fact.

You'll be totally fine. Just communicate your nerves at the start and if you want to have a wee moment at any time just tell them to wait. It is over super quickly though. Please don't worry.

Aeroflotgirl Wed 31-Dec-14 09:11:28

No afresh it is not, the consequences if not having one are far worse. Please have it.

Sizzlesthedog Wed 31-Dec-14 09:11:44

It's done very discreetly. It really is fine.

Theorientcalf Wed 31-Dec-14 09:12:06

Thing is, if you cancel you won't rebook and you'll be cancelling forever.

Wriggle your toes as it helps relax you.

chanie44 Wed 31-Dec-14 09:12:38

Please don't cancel, they can save lives.

The nurse will be used to dealing with nervous patients.

afreshstartplease Wed 31-Dec-14 09:12:43

Fear of the unknown?
Fear of pain?
Fear of looking stupid?

I knew mn would be here to talk me round though

Silly really as I've had 3 dc and numerous internal examinations

angelohsodelight Wed 31-Dec-14 09:12:52

It's shit but think of jade goody. Do not cancel. Wear jeans and socks. If you are that nervous take a couple if painkillers (or have a drink if not driving!) to take edge of. It's uncomfy and crap but necessary.

afreshstartplease Wed 31-Dec-14 09:13:34

Why jeans and socks?

LovleyRitaMeterMaid Wed 31-Dec-14 09:14:39

Have you cancelled them before? 27 seems quite old to be having your first one. Do not cancel.

WipsGlitter Wed 31-Dec-14 09:15:17

It's bit painful. Uncomfy yes. They explain what they're going to do.

ArgyMargy Wed 31-Dec-14 09:15:22

You are a grown woman and being pathetic. YABU

KnackeredMerrily Wed 31-Dec-14 09:15:40

There are horror stories but they are a world awayfrom my experience.

For me, aside from being half nude I've not found them painful embarrassing or even uncomfortable. Honestly.

Having a baby on the other hand. ..

afreshstartplease Wed 31-Dec-14 09:16:46

I cancelled one last year, I was pregnant when I turned 25 so couldn't have one

NobodyLivesHere Wed 31-Dec-14 09:17:29

Dont cancel. It really is over very quickly. I used to wear a dress and leggings and just take my leggings off, it's very discrete. It's certainly not childbirth level of pain and I found it far less uncomfortable than a sweep.
My smear test saved my life. I'm not into guilt tripping or name calling for being worried, but I promise you it IS worth it.

fuctifino Wed 31-Dec-14 09:18:53

Honestly, it's fine.

Poolbirthx2 Wed 31-Dec-14 09:19:07

I had my first one last week and i am 28. I was very nervous and kept putting it off. Honestly it is nothing, only takes a couple of minutes.

angelohsodelight Wed 31-Dec-14 09:19:11

Jeans as opposed to skirt and presumably tights ..., you don't want to faff around with tights before and after.

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