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WillWorkForMoney Tue 30-Dec-14 20:32:23

A few years ago i bought myself a cheap tablet (archos 101). Had to send it back 3 times for faults. Finally gave in and got a refund. Bought a samsung galaxy tab 2 also had to send that back a few times for faults. Meanwhile got a phone on contract (Sony xperia) which is the worse phone I've ever had, really slow, no memory, bad battery etc. Anyhow dd3 dropped my galaxy tab 2 and smashed it so got a new one through insurance (they gave me a tab 3 as tab 2s no longer available) this was only beginning of October, its already had to be returned twice for repairs due to faults. Then for Christmas, I got the phone I'm typing on now, a moto g, and it keeps randomly pressing on the touchscreen. So loads of apps open/close. How can every piece of tech I have owned over the last 4 years be so crap? Is it me, or are companies just useless at making their products work?

Oh and I always use the correct chargers.

WillWorkForMoney Tue 30-Dec-14 20:33:52

I thought maybe it was bad charges via the electricity outlets, but moved house in the summer and its the same.

MagratsLongWhiteBeard Tue 30-Dec-14 20:39:33

I'm in a moto g, what's it doing?

Sounds pretty rubbish about everything else but my tablet has just died and I've only had it 8 months, its a bugger!

NatalieHarding21 Tue 30-Dec-14 20:42:57

I really do sympathise, i have been having no end of problems with technology too, sometimes i think it is because my expectations are too high, but the problems i face are when i look at the face of it really not to do with me. For the last 5 years every phone i have had has been back to the manufacturer and replaced during contract, that is 6 phone replacements, i have given up backing up data and just use a gmail account that i can retrieve all my contacts and appointments from regardless of the phone. Laptops have also been a nightmare, i have got 5 of them too, aquired over the last 7 years, and none of them really ever met expectations, just really bored with tech, cant live with it or without it

Discopanda Tue 30-Dec-14 20:52:17

I'm known to kill technology, I've killed 3 laptops in the past couple of years (pretty sure my toddle helped though).

WillWorkForMoney Tue 30-Dec-14 20:55:57

The screen just goes crazy, tapping on things on its own. Its taken me since you posted to type this. Think its going to have to be returned, £100 is a lot of money to me. My old Nokia would probably still work if I could find the charger for it!!

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