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to loathe companies that make ti hard to unsubscribe

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ElizabethHoover Tue 30-Dec-14 15:21:07

YES YOU Thorntons!

where you have to do some tricky log in, with a log in you cant remember to ' access your mailing preferences' ?
Some of them are amazingly tenacious. I went on the Thames Rib over 4 years ago and they still mail me. I have never even been on a Forest Holiday - it was a general request and they STILL mail me.

Why don't companies invest in some smarter email marketing ideas - if I haven't booked for 5 years, it is really likely I will soon? At least the Leg club mag gives up the ghost after a while

pinkdelight Tue 30-Dec-14 15:47:54

Yanbu!! K j Beckett, some company I have no recollection of using, haunts my inbox constantly. I've tried to unsubscribe but they make it so hard. Drives me crackers. It would be much better customer service to make unsubscribing simple, then I might like them more!

Greenfizzywater Tue 30-Dec-14 15:58:35

just mark it as spam then you won't see it anymore

pinkdelight Tue 30-Dec-14 16:04:07

I've done that with some of the worst but would rather it was possible to simply click unsubscribe. Instead they make it near impossible, which is dumb as they surely don't want their brand being perceived as spam.

ElizabethHoover Tue 30-Dec-14 16:21:00

Yes. I get enough spam as it is. That Patrice whatever cook wear

WowWowSauce Tue 30-Dec-14 16:32:15

Mark it as spam. They should manage their email lists properly and make it easier to unsubscribe!

AgentProvocateur Tue 30-Dec-14 16:43:50

Groupon are the worst offenders. Their 'unsubscribe' page has been faulty for months.

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