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To be scared of the dark?

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HomeIsWhereTheGinIs Tue 30-Dec-14 00:57:47

Massively ashamed of this. I rather supposed it would go away once I became a mother and most nights I'm fine but some nights (like tonight obviously), I become paranoid that there's some sort of evil being skulking around the house. Snap me put of it please - or are some of you the same?

QuickSilverFairy Tue 30-Dec-14 01:03:21

Home, I am staring 50 in the face, mother of three children and I still sleep with either the lights or Telly on. My husband works overnight shift in EMS, so I am alone 4 nights out of the week. My house is very old and very creaky and I just know there is something lurking in the darkness...

Now, someone much more sensible will be along soon to suggest ways to combat this illogical fear.

RandomNPC Tue 30-Dec-14 01:07:36

I'm a big bloke in my 40s, and I still have to put the hall light on at night blush

MinnieM1 Tue 30-Dec-14 01:13:15

Nope, I sleep with the bathroom light on and bedroom door open
And am utterly convinced that Ione night when I'm tending to a crying child in their room that something will grab my feet from under their bed

Bulbasaur Tue 30-Dec-14 01:14:03

I used to be afraid of the dark.

Not to be dramatic, but I had a close brush with death and came to terms with my own mortality and realized there's far more frightening things than darkness.

Now I'm afraid of being alone. blush

Bulbasaur Tue 30-Dec-14 01:14:36

I used to be afraid of the dark.

Not to be dramatic, but I had a close brush with death and came to terms with my own mortality and realized there's far more frightening things than darkness.

Now I'm afraid of being alone. blush

FloozeyLoozey Tue 30-Dec-14 01:16:35

Nope in fact I can't stand any lights on/doors open when I sleep. As dark/quiet as possible please. I'm the only adult in the house every night.

HomeIsWhereTheGinIs Tue 30-Dec-14 01:23:43

Glad to know I'm not alone! Minnie I have the same "under the bed" fear! And sometimes worry about looking in the (huge) mirror in DS' room when I'm sitting in the dark with him in case I make out an outline of someone/thing.... shudder. Stupid fear. It only happens every couple of months or so but it spells a sleepless night...

Discopanda Tue 30-Dec-14 01:24:32

I can't sleep if it's completely dark, real phobia, if I need the loo in the middle of the night I can't look in the bathroom mirror (thanks Donnie Darko!) and have to run upstairs as quickly as I can. I've always been like it, possibly because of my over-active imagination but it got a lot worse when I was about 12 and our house was burgled.
I'm very relieved that I'm not the only grown up who is scared of the dark!

MinnieM1 Tue 30-Dec-14 01:29:34

I don't ever look in mirrors at night either, and I run up the stairs
I also never had a baby monitor in case I heard anything other than the baby in it
I blame horror films

opalstones Tue 30-Dec-14 01:29:34

I'm not scared of the dark, but petrified of falling down holes. Even in my own house, where there are no hole in the floor (funnily enough) I am really conscious of the floor when the lights are off. I tend to shuffle around in the dark as a result.

Discopanda Tue 30-Dec-14 01:36:03

I blame having older siblings! We used to terrorise each other growing up. My big sister used to watch the X Files and The Outer Limits and then tell me all the scariest plots from them and one time our mum was out (sister was babysitting) so we put towels over our heads, held lit candles and stood outside our brother's door making ghost noises and chanting.

whathaveiforgottentoday Tue 30-Dec-14 02:47:03

Yes, always hated the dark. I'm slightly better than when I was younger but when I'm on my own I sleep with the lights on. I have to run up the stairs too and when spooked have been known to spend the whole night awake with my heart racing. Stupid phobia.

BritFlop Tue 30-Dec-14 04:23:24

I'm the same, I'm ok if DP is here, but when alone I leave hall light on.

I also won't get a rocking chair in case it rocks itself!

sparklysnowflake Tue 30-Dec-14 08:50:18

Nope, when DP used to work nights and was alone in the house I would sleep with a lamp on (and check under the bed before going to sleep...)

silveroldie2 Tue 30-Dec-14 09:11:09

I'm 69 and exactly the same - fortunately I live alone so my tv is left on all night. Whenever I have tried to sleep in the dark (eg sharing a bedroom with someone who can only sleep in the dark) I've always had screaming nightmares, waking everyone up.

lacksdirection Tue 30-Dec-14 09:29:13

I'm the same too.
I'm also frightened of having to get up in the night when it's dark.
The thought of the smoke alarm going off in the night, even if it were a false alarm is actually quite terrifying, just because of the noise and having to get up and face it.
I spend more time than I should thinking of this and then convince myself it will happen because I have somehow 'willed' it to happen.

LadyLuck10 Tue 30-Dec-14 09:37:17

Yanbu, I had a weird morning so I know how you feel.

QuickSilverFairy Tue 30-Dec-14 09:37:52

So glad to read other experiences! I must have some type of cover on in bed, regardless of temp, as I fear something will grab my feet. I never look into my living room at night as it seems menacing. I hate when I hear a noise when I am in bed at night and see my cat's have pricked their ears up..or are looking in the direction of the noise.

Unescorted Tue 30-Dec-14 09:38:46

I go to sleep with the telly on.
I can't sit with my back to a window or door at night - this is due to a kid turning up to our back door one night with a shot gun. He had shot the family dog, run away with the gun and then got lost in the bush. He must have seen our lights on and knocked on - as you do. My mother was fantastically calm given the circumstances. I on the otherhand still have nightmares of gun toting teenagers.

netty7070 Tue 30-Dec-14 09:42:42

Fear of the dark is entirely rational really, our ancient ancestors would have been in potentially mortal danger every night, so it's hardwired into us.

Royalsighness Tue 30-Dec-14 10:22:42

I'm scared of the dark too! It's where bad things hide!

chopinbabe Tue 30-Dec-14 10:24:23

Until a few weeks ago, I always slept with the landing light on and the bedroom door open.

A few weeks ago, I sent off for a night light. I chose this particular design because online reviewers had commented that it was too bright for them.

I have plugged it in to the socket just outside the bedroom and it is reassuringly bright without disturbing others in the house in the same way that the landing light did.

I really cannot see a time when I will be able to be confident in the dark.

crazykat Tue 30-Dec-14 20:54:39

I'm the same. I've seen too many horror movies about ghouls in the dark. I'm fine in my room in the dark, it's everything outside it.

Dd1 scared the life out of me once, she called me from her bed in the middle of the night, as I got to my door she was suddenly in front of me when I expected her to still be in bed. I jumped and screamed so much I woke dh blush.

I've never been able to sleep in the dark or quiet but luckily dh doesn't mind the TV on all night. I hate waking up in the dark, not out of fear I've just never liked it.

We leave the bathroom light on all night for me the dcs.

dustarr73 Tue 30-Dec-14 21:21:17

Im scared of the dark and also i wont look in mirrors in the dark either.Doesnt help matters im deaf in one ear so cant hear anything.And the kids love hopping out and saying boo.

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