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Does anyone do YouGov polls ...

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Dipankrispaneven Mon 29-Dec-14 13:06:32

... and get increasingly irritated by those repeated questions about what you've noticed about supermarkets in recent days? I've taken to writing stuff like "It's a supermarket. What is there to notice?" I'm severely tempted to wander into the realms of fantasy and claim to have noticed hobgoblins and robots wandering around the aisles, and that my local supermarket has begun to market strychnine.

MrsTawdry Mon 29-Dec-14 13:09:44

What are these polls? Why do them if they annoy you?

AlpacaStockingOnChristmasEve Mon 29-Dec-14 13:26:36

I do, and I just leave those questions blank. You can still move forward with the poll!
The ones I hate are the wall of brand names, then the questions are
'which have you heard of'
'Which do you have a positive/negative impression of'
'Which would you be proud/ashamed to work for' etc

I just got to my first 5000 points! Woohoo, £50 for me!

GlitzAndGigglesx Mon 29-Dec-14 13:29:20

Yes. I hate the questions about what channels I watch or on demand services I use. I find they're in 90% of the surveys sent

ibbydibby Mon 29-Dec-14 13:32:11

Am just doing it for the dosh!

But yes, the questions are v irritating. Esp one recently where I had to give a reason for not watching the X-Factor final. Just was not on my radar!

DidoTheDodo Mon 29-Dec-14 15:32:15

I do them and use them to show my disapproval of things I hate. So I am always a "dissatisfied customer" of Sunny Delight, for example.

DidoTheDodo Mon 29-Dec-14 15:33:08

And I said I didn't watch x factor because it is unadulterated rubbish.

mejon Mon 29-Dec-14 15:43:22

I do and like PPs I'm only doing them for the ££. I've been doing them for years now and have still to get my first £50 - though I'm getting pretty close. I too hate those with all those ruddy brand names or products and the ones where you need to move products into boxes.

Icimoi Mon 29-Dec-14 15:46:11

Likewise re the brand name questions - they're so repetitive. If I have a negative impression of a brand, why ask which I would not be proud to work for? It's surely not difficult to work out. Also they're constantly asking which radio stations I listen to, they've had the same answer at least 10 times.

bigbluestars Mon 29-Dec-14 16:01:37

I do Pinecone- they pay a lot more and regulary send stuff to test- some of it quite valuable.

catsofa Mon 29-Dec-14 16:05:59

It took me 3 or 4 years to get my first £50, and that was doing every poll and survey they let me do. I therefore stopped doing it as soon as I got my £50.

carabos Mon 29-Dec-14 17:02:21

DH does them. He says it only takes a few minutes and you get money every so often - his motto is "never leave money on the table" grin. I see his point but CBA myself.

mrspremise Mon 29-Dec-14 17:06:08

l do. Had a couple of £50 cheques and am on my way to the next; l quite like doing them, tbh and the cash is always nice! Why bother if it annoys you SO much?

MrsTawdry Mon 29-Dec-14 17:15:38

How long did it take you to get a cheque mrspremise?

GlitzAndGigglesx Mon 29-Dec-14 17:16:58

I like doing the polls at the end of the surveys and seeing what everyone else thinks. Think I've got a long wait to my £50 though!

Middleagedmotheroftwo Mon 29-Dec-14 17:20:34

I do them too. I've had two, possibly three £50s. I quite enjoy most of them, but the product walls and the 'would you be proud to work for xxcompany' are annoying.

Amummyatlast Mon 29-Dec-14 17:40:08

It took me quite a few years to get my first £50, but I'm halfway to the next after only about 6-8 months. I agree that the 'brand name/which company would you be proud to work for' questions are really annoying. I've started skipping them. My DH had one recently where at the beginning of the survey he said he was not interested in tennis, but then had to answer numerous questions about the various tennis bodies.

threepiecesuite Mon 29-Dec-14 17:57:05

I like YouGov. I've cashed out about 4 times, it takes me about 6-8 months to get to £50.

meltedmonterayjack Mon 29-Dec-14 18:53:48

I do them. And yup they are booooring and annoying. I've nearly got 3000 points and must have been doing it for nearly two years. How do you get up to £50 in 6-8 months? What am I doing wrong? I'm doing every one I get notified about (other than the oracle one each month which you don't get points for.)

I guess they ask the same questions about which paper/tv/radio stations etc in case you switch allegiance to them? But the 'which would you be proud/embarrassed to work for thing is just daft isnt' it. A jobs a job and unless I was working for somewhere totally immoral with a terrible human rights record, I'd not really think about my pride coming into it.

I like that you noted hobgoblins wandering around the supermarket smile Enough answers like that and they might start to take out the more ridiculous questions.

OOAOML Mon 29-Dec-14 19:00:10

I do them and agree that the brand ones are particularly annoying and repetitive - brands you like/don't like, brands you have seen something about, brands you are a satisfied/dissatisfied customer of, brands you would be proud/embarrassed to work for - and those sections of the surveys seem to go on for ever. And endlessly being asked which subscription TV services I use - we have basic Freesat, and it has usually asked me this earlier in the survey.

I used to do Pinecone years ago when on my first mat leave. They send paper luncheon vouchers, which seems ridiculously retro 11 years on.

threepiecesuite Mon 29-Dec-14 19:02:38

I did some surveys about teaching which let to a discussion group opportunity for which I was paid £100 grin

OOAOML Mon 29-Dec-14 19:05:45

Well done threepiece I also signed up to a mystery shopping/focus group site on mat leave but I was either never selected, or I was offered groups hundreds of miles away.

BertieBotts Mon 29-Dec-14 19:10:32

I used to do them about six years ago, got one to cash out but then forgot to cash the cheque - doh! I did get an iPod for doing one a while back which I sold on ebay for £80 because I didn't want it.

Agree sometimes the questions were very repetitive or boring or irrelevant to me or confusing (if this brand was a person, would you buy it a drink? FUCK OFF.)

MrsHathaway Mon 29-Dec-14 19:22:06

My responses are shit nowadays. I disclaim responsibility for just about anything.

Worth being in for the political ones though, particularly in the next few months. And YouGov Daily is interesting.

Pinecone is great. I am mostly a SAHM and use my Pinecone points to buy DH presents for eg Christmas - this time, silver Spitfire cufflinks.

threepiecesuite Mon 29-Dec-14 19:51:17

Yes, I enjoy YouGov in the run up to elections.

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