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To be angry with dp

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Due2015 Sun 28-Dec-14 01:29:21

I know I definitely am but I can't help it, I'm heavily pregnant and can't sleep with heartburn,aches kicking etc... He's happily snoring away
next to me I want to punch him

Topseyt Sun 28-Dec-14 01:51:45

I remember the feeling very well.wink

ClaretAndBlue30 Sun 28-Dec-14 02:20:57

Not at all unreasonable. I relegated my dh to the spare room at about 37 weeks, we both slept ALOT better as a result.

Discopanda Sun 28-Dec-14 02:21:45

Punch him and pretend you did it in your sleep.

wanderingcloud Sun 28-Dec-14 03:56:25

YANBU I'm in the same boat. I want to elbow him in the ribs just for being able to sleep. fgrin

ithoughtofitfirst Sun 28-Dec-14 04:58:14

I have the same dilemma with a 9 week old. fangry

ithoughtofitfirst Sun 28-Dec-14 05:02:39

And she's not even eating. Atm she's just licking my nipple and smiling.. like it's some kind of sick joke.

Ifyourawizardwhydouwearglasses Sun 28-Dec-14 05:37:33

Snap ithought sad

araiba Sun 28-Dec-14 05:59:36

i like that we feel comfortable joking about DV

DropYourSnow Sun 28-Dec-14 06:03:49

It's a turn of phrase araiba hmm

araiba Sun 28-Dec-14 06:11:06

"I want to punch him", "punch him" and "i want to elbow him" are turns of phrase? really??

TheRealAmandaClarke Sun 28-Dec-14 06:37:35

That is not dv in this context. Not imo.

JeanSeberg Sun 28-Dec-14 06:41:18

So if a man posted 'I want to punch my wife because she's asleep and I'm not', that would be ok too?

Don't think so.

purplemurple1 Sun 28-Dec-14 06:45:59

Is there anything you make him get up early for? Mine's been on dog and toddler morning duty since I was 20 weeks, I enjoy those two hours in bed alone so much more knowing he is up already!

DropYourSnow Sun 28-Dec-14 06:51:09

I could burst with excitement. I'm so happy I could explode. I'm so hungry I could eat a scabby horse. I'm so mad with my husband I could punch him.

All turns of phrase. I remain intact, no horses ingested and no partners violently attacked.

araiba Sun 28-Dec-14 06:57:43

I could burst with excitement. I'm so happy I could explode. I'm so hungry I could eat a scabby horse.

they are turns of phrases- you will not literally explode

I'm so mad with my husband I could punch him. this is not a turn of phrase.

you really don't see the difference? wow

i want to punch my wife because she burnt my dinner- a turn of phrase? clue- no its not

DropYourSnow Sun 28-Dec-14 07:15:03

You could literally eat a horse though. So no, I don't see the difference, because you're not explaining it clearly enough.

TheRealAmandaClarke Sun 28-Dec-14 07:54:28

Jeanseberg no, it likely would not be ok. Because it isn't the same. DV is not simplistic in that way. The vast majority is targeted against women by men, and is supported by our patriarchal set-up, which supports men as powerful and sanctions the principles of male privilege.
There need not be sameness in a comment about a woman hitting a man as a man hitting a woman because they are fundamentally not the same thing.

LovleyRitaMeterMaid Sun 28-Dec-14 07:57:18

Fucking nora.

Ifyourawizardwhydouwearglasses Sun 28-Dec-14 08:01:13

Message deleted by MNHQ. Here's a link to our Talk Guidelines.

TheRealAmandaClarke Sun 28-Dec-14 08:03:21

Rita ?

differentnameforthis Sun 28-Dec-14 08:18:20

You haven't seriously turned a lighthearted thread about pregnancy insomnia into this...for heaven sake, can't people make a comment without being accused of DV now?

GingerbreadPudding Sun 28-Dec-14 08:21:13

Ignore all the hystericals on here.

I totally get where you're coming from. My 'poor' husband sometimes complains he's not slept well while I've been up all night with cramp, blocked nose, four toilet trips, maddening itching etc. bless him.

TheRealAmandaClarke Sun 28-Dec-14 08:21:57

Besides, you shouldn't punch him. Have you never heard of "kick -snore"?

araiba Sun 28-Dec-14 08:23:40

Drop- a quick google suggests the largest steak eaten was 200 oz and that the average horse weighs 1000lb - you think you could eat a horse?

a turn of phrase is a more colourful way of expressing something- significant other instead of partner and it usually is a bit more artful or metaphorical- i could eat a horse/ i am hungry

i want to punch him is neither artful or colourful- it is a literal description. saying you wanted to rip his head off is perhaps more of a turn of phrase for this situation

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