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To want that stupid boy "Dr Reed" on "Criminal Minds" to bloody well cut his hair!??

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Salmotrutta Sun 28-Dec-14 00:20:08

Bloody annoying.

Looks like a flipping birds nest.

And a none too clean one at that.


ouryve Sun 28-Dec-14 00:21:39

It needs a wash, but nowt wrong with longer hair on blokes.

Salmotrutta Sun 28-Dec-14 00:25:17

Actually I agrre ouvrye - if he just had clean, long, well cared for hair it wouldn't bug me. But it's a greasy looking rats nest.

And he's annoying...

Salmotrutta Sun 28-Dec-14 00:26:36

I have several male relatives with longer hair and I quite like it. But they keep it clean and tidy.

PresidentTwonk Sun 28-Dec-14 00:30:22

He's hardly a 'stupid boy' confused and since when is it ok to just slag off other people's appearance choices... hmm

QueenInTheNorth Sun 28-Dec-14 00:30:47

Ohh mine and DP's favourite (Well, one of them) program! I'm fairly sure my DP models his hair from his blush although I did just make him cut it!

DizzyCow63 Sun 28-Dec-14 00:33:11

No I love Dr Reid and his hair! not as much as I love Morgan and his lack of hair though

Salmotrutta Sun 28-Dec-14 00:36:02

Oh god.

Did I really need to say this was just a light observation...

No need to be professionally offended President hmm

I'm quite aware the character isn't academically stupid.

His social intelligence on the other hand...

<runs away>

Salmotrutta Sun 28-Dec-14 00:36:49




PresidentTwonk Sun 28-Dec-14 00:37:52

Hardly professionally offended confused just unsure why people need to base everything in looks. Also wasn't commenting on his intelligence or lack of more your patronising terms.

BeHoHoHove Sun 28-Dec-14 00:38:38

Yy derek


Salmotrutta Sun 28-Dec-14 00:43:00


I don't like hair that looks greasy, dirty and unkempt.

In my ancient mind that makes the owner of said hair a bit stupid not to have care for their hair.


I've been around AIBU long enough to know the drill but really President?

It was a nonsense post


Salmotrutta Sun 28-Dec-14 00:45:34

^who's Derek?>

PresidentTwonk Sun 28-Dec-14 00:46:28

Would you feel it was 'lighthearted' and a 'nonsense post' if you saw someone making similar comments about your appearance? I understand you think it's just lighthearted but when people read/overhear comments about their appearance it can have a deeper meaning to them and I'd rather people didn't pick apart others appearance therefore I was giving you my opinion as you have yours. This topic is AIBU and other posters can say yes or no, we don't all have to agree wine

exWifebeginsat40 Sun 28-Dec-14 00:47:56

you leave Reed alone.

now, Garcia? THERE'S someone who needs a stylist right now...

Salmotrutta Sun 28-Dec-14 00:53:06

Frankly I couldn't give a fuck about people's opinion of my appearance.

I'm a reasonably successful professional person.

I maintain my appearance as is appropriate.

I do know that unkempt and greasy looking hair would be somewhat frowned on in several situations.

Please note I am not talking about clean,long hair which is tidy.

Mrsdavidcaruso Sun 28-Dec-14 01:00:53

Think its part of the characters persona looks like a scruffy little boy but is a genius and an FBI agent and he does use his looks and youthfulness when interacting with victims and suspects. I like Spencer

Salmotrutta Sun 28-Dec-14 01:05:36

Yes I get the "character" thing.

But it still bugs me that his hair looks dirty, greasy and unkempt.

Tobyjugg Sun 28-Dec-14 01:56:58

Would you feel it was 'lighthearted' and a 'nonsense post' if you saw someone making similar comments about your appearance?

But nobody is making a comment about anyone's appearance. The guy is a fictional character portrayed by an actor. He has no feelings other than those the show's writers give him.

catsoup Sun 28-Dec-14 03:03:25

Derek is Derek morgan.

Didn't reed have a haircut last season? I felt bad for him when his girlfriend died though

MiscellaneousAssortment Sun 28-Dec-14 03:21:02

He is a character not an actual real person, and who knows what the actor thinks or desires his hair style to be? We dont. And we're not talking about the person, but the fictional character he plays!!!

Good lord!

MiscellaneousAssortment Sun 28-Dec-14 03:22:18

Oh and yes, I think the stylists havehow a job lot of Matt products they're tousling into his hair at every opportunity!

Isetan Sun 28-Dec-14 08:14:58

Thou shal not say bad things about Dr Reed and although not physically attracted to Morgan, his voice is sooooo blush.

Redglitter Sun 28-Dec-14 08:20:23

Reeds voice irritates me. As for Morgan well I wouldn't kick him out of bed for eating biscuits that's for sure wink

Shiongmaoniao Sun 28-Dec-14 08:22:32

Leave reed alone bless him
He is my favorite one
Also agree ^^ Derek's voice is a beautiful sound

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