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To ask you to find my favourite scarf for me please?!

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AmyElliotDunne Sat 27-Dec-14 22:34:36

I lost this scarf, probably at the cinema or a restaurant. I love it to bits, it was only cheap, probably from Tescos, but it goes with everything and I have lots of happy memories wearing it.

If anyone has one they'd be willing to sell me I'd be eternally grateful. Thanks everso xx

DoubleValiumLattePlease Sat 27-Dec-14 22:47:56

Hope someone can help you OP - so annoying when you lose a favourite thing. Good luck smile

StilleNachtCarolling Sat 27-Dec-14 22:54:19

Looks like this one but different colours?

AmyElliotDunne Sat 27-Dec-14 23:07:01

Thanks Stille, I like that one too, it would be a nice spring/summer version. The autumnal colours in my favourite one just go with everything I wear when it's colder. So frustrating!

StilleNachtCarolling Sat 27-Dec-14 23:12:17

Well if you want a lovely scarf in similar colours, I've just bought a gorgeous one from M&S:

Although I've just seen it's out of stock sad

AmyElliotDunne Sat 27-Dec-14 23:50:39

Ooh pretty! I've just found a slightly darker version of the other one you linked to, which I have bought thanks. I'd still love to replace the original but at least now I have a good excuse to buy myself lots more another one.

musicalendorphins2 Sun 28-Dec-14 01:42:40

I know you have already found one you liked, but thought I'd post this one anyways.
It comes in a variety of different colours.

AmyElliotDunne Tue 30-Dec-14 23:39:12

Musical, thank you, I think that might be the one I ordered! It has arrived and into like it, even though it's a bit more crazy and bohemian than my original one.

Will keep an eye out for my old one as I still want it back sad

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