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To expect my younger brothers to lift a paw at Christmas

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FelixLazyitus Sat 27-Dec-14 21:19:15

OK, so I am getting on a bit (I am 12 years old) and have one eye.
I have two younger brothers, about 2.5 years old, and all Christmas they have been sitting around the lounge, sleeping by the fire, licking their fur, and occasionally getting fed, and just generally everything on a plate.
This afternoon the people who jointly own this house with us, came into the lounge and there was a mouse about six feet away from my brothers' useless sleeping carcasses, sitting in a bowl of peanuts happily munching away.
Of course, I get the blame....It is so unfair. AIBU to expect them to do their bit?

Hatespiders Sat 27-Dec-14 21:43:41

We live together in a house with no mice and we're very jealous of you. We used to live in a better house with a big garden and lots of mice and other fun stuff outside, like grass snakes and pheasants. If we lived in your house your dopey brothers would be nowhere. We are Siamese and we are better at catching mice than anyone.

Give them both a sharp poke and get them moving. Lazy little buggers!

FelixLazyitus Sat 27-Dec-14 21:58:26

Miaow, thank you for posting Hatespiders.
In my earlier life I used to chase Mongooses who chased the snakes.
That is how I lost my eye. It was in 'Nam, a long time ago.
The summers were so hot, humid and wet.
Cheltenham, 2003. It was bad.
I kill mice and spiders. I eat the mice.
The joint owners come down in the morning and find spiders on their backs all curled up.
I like Dreamies best.

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