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Was I being unreasonable to not let him in?

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Blackout234 Fri 26-Dec-14 23:27:46

Hi everyone, I've not had a chance to post this yet so here we are!
4 months ago me and dp adopted a cat called riley from the rspca. After we adopted him (About a week after) a lady from the rspca called to ask how riley was settling in, I said everything was cushy and he was fine and i never heard another word from the rspca... Until last week. It was the 20th of Dec (6 days ago) and I was literally heading out of the door. There was a knock on the door and it was someone from the RSPCA centre riley had come from. I asked what was going on (thinking they were going to ask for a donation of some kind due to the high level of animals who come in to the rspca as unwanted pets just after xmas) and the man said to me "Im John smith from the RSPCA centre in x city, You're miss blackout, arent you? You adopted riley in september? i'd like to come in and see him" (John smith=fake name) I apologised and said i Had to go out there and then.He attempted to stop me (Stood in my way) and kept insisting he wanted to see riley. I told him to f--K off eventually and slammed the door on him(then left via the back door) I Got home to a note posted through the door saying "Miss blackout, it is customary that we see all pets adopted out to make sure they aren't being harmed i will be back at x time on the 5th of January".... wibu to not let him in and would i be unreasonable if I refused the visit?
bit more background
I've never heard of this and was told at the time of adoption that after the initial home visit to check out the house there'd be no more visits. we had the home visit (BEFORE Adopting riley) and all was fine, I know this would have been confirmed and put on the system as youre not allowed to adopt without the home visit.
I called my sister, fil and mum (theyve all adopted pets from the same centre) and they said they never had any visits from the rspca.
also in case youre wondering there are no concerns over the welfare of riley, The guy just said it was customary and I HAD to let him in.

thenightsky Fri 26-Dec-14 23:30:17

He sounds well dodgy. I wouldn't have let him in either.

I doubt he will come back.

Lweji Fri 26-Dec-14 23:30:19

I'd ring the RSPCA centre, or headquarters to check if the visit was genuine and, if so, for them to pre-arrange a time.

Lweji Fri 26-Dec-14 23:30:37

If not genuine, report to the police.

mrssmith79 Fri 26-Dec-14 23:31:01

Ring them for clarification.

lemisscared Fri 26-Dec-14 23:31:16

ywnbu to not let him in ywbu to tell him to fuck off.

Blackout234 Fri 26-Dec-14 23:32:18

He was blocking my doorway and i was trying to leave, that warranted the f bomb IMO, anyhow, I'll be ringing rspca when they open (hadnt thought of that)

PumpkinRain Fri 26-Dec-14 23:32:36

We had a follow up visit from the RSPCA about 3 months after adopting our cat. I know of a few friends who have had the same as well.

AgentZigzag Fri 26-Dec-14 23:32:41

He was totally unreasonable, trying to stop you from going out and repeatedly asking to see the cat when you've said no is creepy.

Are you sure he was from the RSPCA? Have you rung them to confirm?

They can make an appointment like anyone else, if you want to make one.

What are they going to do if you don't, take your cat back? I don't think so.

britishbakeoffblues Fri 26-Dec-14 23:32:56

Definitely contact the adoption place and check, and call the police to check too.

HolyTerror Fri 26-Dec-14 23:33:45

Did he show ID? Or are you suggesting he was an intruder who somehow had access to RSPCA files? I know nothing about home visits, and you of course don't have to let anyone into your house, but it seems a but mad to have progressed immediately to telling him to fuck off and escaping out the back?

AgentZigzag Fri 26-Dec-14 23:34:48

Even if they'd not mentioned it when you adopted him and it is part of the deal, it's not on for them to doorstep you and start getting shitty because you're on your way out.

Chaseface Fri 26-Dec-14 23:35:46

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Blackout234 Fri 26-Dec-14 23:38:12

HolyTerror, He was stood in my way for about a minute and wouldnt move when i told him twice to step aside (then just looked at him with raised eyebrows) So I just thought ok then, piss off im out.Kind of childish I know but it was early (9AM) I'd had no sleep (morning sickness) and had to get out and had no time for his crap.I dont know what to think tbh, I doubt anyone hates me enough to go through the rspca to get at me so im leaning far more toward it being a legit rspca person. He didnt show ID.

Blackout234 Fri 26-Dec-14 23:39:02

ChaseFace fgrin

RandomNPC Fri 26-Dec-14 23:43:37

I don't think you were being unreasonable to tell him to fuck off; he was being an arse

Sprink Fri 26-Dec-14 23:44:24

RSPCA or not, you're under no obligation to allow a stranger in your home, especially unannounced and uninvited.

Call and verify the need for this visit.

HolyTerror Fri 26-Dec-14 23:45:49

Ok, then he sounds unprofessional. Doorstepping you with no warning - can that really be policy for post homing welfare checks?

WorraLiberty Fri 26-Dec-14 23:47:31

Well YANBU to think he was dodgy

But you really didn't think of ringing the RSPCA to check him out until a poster suggested it??? confused

Blackout234 Fri 26-Dec-14 23:50:02

no I didnt :S

SpicyBeat Fri 26-Dec-14 23:50:32

A follow up visit isn't that unusual in rescue but normally prearranged. I would call to verify his identity and if he is legit, find out who to complain to about the officer's behaviour.

XmasEveDallas Fri 26-Dec-14 23:51:00

My sis had 4 visits from the RSPCA after she adopted her dog, but that was because the dog was a special case and they were worried about behaviour issues. They were always planned though, not doorstepped. I wouldn't have let him in either.

I'd let him come on the 5th though - although preferably not him, but another RSPCA bod; did they leave a contact no?

Tobyjugg Fri 26-Dec-14 23:53:09

We used to foster litters of kittens for the RSPCA. Follow-up visits were made once they were homed. Ring the centre you got moggy from and check tho'.

SorchaN Sat 27-Dec-14 00:23:37

If I were you I'd call the RSPCA to complain about this man's behaviour. I'm sure no one has any reason to think your pet is at any risk, but even if they did, that's not the way to go about checking - they'd need to be accompanied by a police officer with a warrant, otherwise they can't insist on coming in. It's outrageous that you should be subjected to this kind of harassment.

PurpleSwift Sat 27-Dec-14 01:12:30

He shouldn't have blocked you in but you should have kept your cool. Also I can assure you this is very routine for the RSPCA.

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