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to think whoever came up with the idea of essential extras for computer games was an evil marketing genius

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kim147 Fri 26-Dec-14 16:49:20

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

CassieBearRawr Fri 26-Dec-14 16:55:36

They are actual evil geniuses and I hope the person who came up with it got a bazillion pound bonus because they bloody deserve it. To reboot/reimagine an ailing franchise the way they did was brilliant - for them! Not so much for everyone forking out for the ever increasing pile of 'essential extras' they keep flogging!

Bair Fri 26-Dec-14 17:58:55

I wanted to get DS a Wii U and Super Smash Bros, then I saw the wee characters and realised it was like Skylanders and thought 'stuff that'.

Sometimes it's better that way though. Biggest example for me is Halo and COD.

We play Halo, we'll get some extra maps for about £6, awesome. Campaign was always a good few hours. Years between Reach and 4 coming out.
COD (which my brother plays) he gets about 10 minutes of campaign and some new maps, but packaged as a new game for £60. And he runs out and buys it! It's a fucking map pack for £60.

I wish I'd invented Minecraft. Cheap and cheerful, skins pack is £1.99. Perfect game.

ImCatbug Fri 26-Dec-14 19:18:32

Bair, you don't need the little character figures for Smash Bros (or any Wii U games), they're an optional extra that actually add nothing new to the Smash Bros game at all.

MyCarHasBrokenDownAgain Fri 26-Dec-14 19:32:09

I bloody love Skylanders blush - however, I do agree it's a PITA that you need extra characters to access all of the areas :-( Most of mine are second hand, and I've avoided the new Trap Team stuff as it looks like it would cost a flamin fortune sad

effinandjeffin Fri 26-Dec-14 19:37:18

Yanbu. The same goes for Disney Infinity. It was fifty odd quid just for the sodding game itself, then £8-10 each for the little figures, of which we must have at least twenty. Luckily, my son got annoyed when he realised it wasn't actually infinite and hasn't bothered with the new one that's come out. We're all idiots for buying into it though.

youbethemummylion Fri 26-Dec-14 19:37:45

I find it pays to be begin the times, DS had the original skylanders when it came out but no extra characters so couldn't complete it. We got him 10 Characters for Christmas most were £2 and already had all the upgrades etc. Now he's finished it he wants Skylanders Giants which is £15 now far cheaper than when it first came out. But I agree they are indeed evil geniuses!

youbethemummylion Fri 26-Dec-14 19:38:22

Behind not begin

INickedAName Fri 26-Dec-14 19:43:24

We bought all the figures for the first Skylanders game, cost several hundred pounds over the course if the year, then we only bought the giants and the new characters on the second release. Then when the third game I got wise and we just loaned my brothers figures (as he buys them all)
We bought trap team for Xmas and I'm horrified to see that if you bought every trap then that alone is over £200, I know you don't need them all but the collecting is fun. I'm lucky that my bro buys them all and loans them to us.

For what it's worth,swap force is currently £6.50 in Tescos. We picked up the 360 version as dd had the wii version which no longer works.

TruJay Fri 26-Dec-14 20:13:05

Skylanders is amazing, we love it as a family. It was very pricey when it originally came out but i eventually got the starter pack (brand new) for £10! I'm a real bargain hunter so have never really paid too high a price for any extras but totally get what u mean, some prices are really high.
Yesterday my ds got Disney Infinity, the first one so cheaper since the release of the newer one. I think they're great games for kids and adults

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