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To think Boxing Day is a lot nicer than Christmas Day?

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ClashCityRocker Fri 26-Dec-14 13:52:34

I had a nice day yesterday, I really did. Everyone was happy with their gifts (including me!) and there were no major disasters, fallouts etc.

But AIBU to think that Boxing Day is actually much better? The pressure is off, there's still plenty of nice food around and you can actually relax without worrying or stressing about whether you have made enough stuffing or if great uncle is going to launch into a racist tirade.

Christmas Day is heaped with expectations and excitement that the reality never quite measures up to. I'm always knackered by six o'clock.

I'm now in my lovely new christmas pjs, drinking vodka and lemonade and eating some christmas chocs whilst watching the racing with DH. Tis bliss. We shall have a mix and match tea and generally pick at things, drink lots and have some quality time together.

Pregnantagain7 Fri 26-Dec-14 13:55:53

Totally agree am in my pjs kids all either playing with their toys or sleeping. Sat with dp while he watches football and I'm faffing on the ipad. Had trifle and Florentines for lunch lovely gorgeous chilled out day smile

ALittleFaith Fri 26-Dec-14 14:00:44

Absolutely! I had to work yesterday and I actually said I'd rather work Christmas day than Boxing day. We had a mad present opening, lunch then I left for work! Today we've been to the park (so DH and DNephew could play with their new Nerf guns!), had leftovers for lunch and now chilling watching a film. smile For more relxaed!

ClashCityRocker Fri 26-Dec-14 14:35:32

Also, we don't have to do anything or go anywhere. After weeks (it seems) of running around, it's just lovely to have a bit of chill time.

Mehitabel6 Fri 26-Dec-14 14:49:21

I agree. I love Christmas Day but today is much more relaxed. Easy food with leftovers and just chill out with family.

Mehitabel6 Fri 26-Dec-14 14:50:08

I can't understand why anyone would want to go near a shop!

mommy2ash Fri 26-Dec-14 14:53:13

my Facebook is taken over by people posting about the sales you couldn't pay me to go. pjs still on and doing nothing for the day bliss :-)

HelpMeGetOutOfHere Fri 26-Dec-14 14:53:23

I dislike the Christmas holidays as endless family pressures and either disappointment or arguments. So this Boxing Day we are all hibernating. No visits no pressure just kids in their pjs me in leggings and sweatshirt h in comfortable clothing. We've just had oven fresh sausage rolls and a bowl of ice cream. Phones and devices are about to be switched off and watch some of the DVDs that the dc got and drink g&t or a few prosecco.

Happy happy happy.

blacktreaclecat Fri 26-Dec-14 14:56:26

I love Boxing Day. PJ day putting presents away, bit of online shopping, nice food, long soak with new smellies then back into new pjs to watch a film. Nice food. No relatives. Bliss!

Nervo Fri 26-Dec-14 14:56:43

I could have written your op, almost word for word.

It's just the four of us today. We have been out for a lovely walk and now the kids are hama beading in the dining room and dh and I are pottering about. Lovely.

WipsGlitter Fri 26-Dec-14 14:59:04

I LOVE Boxing Day. Reading. Eating chocolate. DP is off to ikea. I'm leaving him to it.

Also I was looking forward all morning to a lunch of leftovers. Smoked salmon and prawns. Yum.

Bettercallsaul1 Fri 26-Dec-14 15:12:09

Totally agree, OP! I love both days but, like you, totally different reasons. Christmas day is lovely but busy and the traditional dinner a nightmare to get on the table with everything still hot, while Boxing Day is relaxing, laid back and all about delicious left-overs and watching new DVDs! But, as my daughter alway reminds me, Christmas is a season, not a single day!

Bettercallsaul1 Fri 26-Dec-14 15:14:29

Sorry, for "totally different reasons".

theeternalstudent Fri 26-Dec-14 15:19:16

Boxing day has been re-named Lego Day in our house. It started this morning at 7.30 and we've been at it ever since except a trip to the shop to buy milk and to walk the dog. On Xmas day the kids don't have time to open their presents and play, we're too busy visiting family. PJ's, Christmas movies and leftovers here too!

ALittleFaith Fri 26-Dec-14 15:23:43

I will not shop on principle today! I work in healthcare, we have to work over Christmas but I feel for those in retail who are forced to work because people choose to shop.

Taz1212 Fri 26-Dec-14 15:24:01

I would go so far as to say Boxing Day is the best day of the year. Early morning walk with the dog followed by lounging around and eating lots of lovely food especially when I may have forgotten about half the food I'd ordered from M&S and ended up with three times as many nibbles and desserts as I needed...

Happy36 Fri 26-Dec-14 15:24:49

In our family we do some charity work on Boxing Day and we love it. Different to Christmas Day at home together, but it's always something to look forward to.

Bellossom Fri 26-Dec-14 15:26:29

Not everyone minds working though. I'm in tonight and don't mind. Had a nice day today and I'm off and can snooze tomorrow

Christmashamster Fri 26-Dec-14 15:27:39

Wonderful day here. Manic Christmas day with all the elderly relatives to look after. Today it's just DH and me, doing whatever we fancy. Love it.

JadedAngel Fri 26-Dec-14 15:31:49

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Marylou2 Fri 26-Dec-14 15:37:53

It's totally better! Christmas day was wonderful but harder than being a work if you're cooking. Boxing day finds me lying on the sofa with ipad, G&T and PJs.Heaven.

clary Fri 26-Dec-14 15:42:07

I love Christmas Eve, all the prep and carols on the radio; I love Christmas Day with my family and making the lovely lunch; but I agree OP that Boxing Day is fab too - cleaned up the house this am, went for a run and now snuggling with DD on the sofa watching old movies on TV (Singin in the Rain is so fab). Eating Christmas choc and looking forward to roast ham for tea smile

clary Fri 26-Dec-14 15:43:33

I agree re shops and those who work in them btw, have a few friends who work in retail and have to be in at stupid o'clock on B Day morning - can we really not manage two days together without shopping?

ClashCityRocker Fri 26-Dec-14 15:54:59

Boxing Day is like the best Sunday you've ever had.

That's it exactly!

One year, I'm going to be really brave and do Boxing Day on Christmas Day! Well, no, I'm probably not, because I do love Christmas Day too, but the relief on Boxing Day is palpable in this household at the minute.

honeybunny14 Fri 26-Dec-14 16:03:52

Yanbu I totally agree grin

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