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Nephew broke tv, what to do ?

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mousemole Fri 26-Dec-14 08:46:06

I've no idea to do about this. My nephew accidentally fired a wooden arrow at our plasma tv yesterday and broke the screen, Tv cost £1600 18 months ago. It's now in the sale for £800. My brother has offered to pay for a new one, knowing that claiming on insurance will push our premiums up, plus the excess is £250. I feel awful asking him to replace it. On the other hand we are now without a Tv that cost us a lot of money.
Ideas please ??

Themindboggles2014 Fri 26-Dec-14 08:47:57

No idea really. I think it is his responsibility to replace, but will it really push excess up loads? I've never claimed on home insurance! It's a lot of money.

HoHonutty Fri 26-Dec-14 08:48:02

I would go through the insurance and let him pay the excess. We made a couple of claims this year and the renewal was more so we just switched companies and got a free safari Oleg meerkats

Moonraker37 Fri 26-Dec-14 08:48:13

I'd let him buy you another one.

VivaLeBeaver Fri 26-Dec-14 08:48:30

Claiming on the insurance won't push your premiums up by £550 worth of extra premiums.

Claim on the insurance and go halves on the excess.

Moonraker37 Fri 26-Dec-14 08:49:10

Actually, what HoHonutty said. Seems fair.

VivaLeBeaver Fri 26-Dec-14 08:49:22

You can't get your brother to fork out £800 when its insured. I think that would be unreasonable.

Shannaratiger Fri 26-Dec-14 08:49:24

Accept it although it was an accident his son broke it.

Gileswithachainsaw Fri 26-Dec-14 08:50:01

I'd let him pay for a new one.

I'd expect to pay for something my kids broke.

VivaLeBeaver Fri 26-Dec-14 08:50:42

And who did the wooden arrows belong to?

Which adults knew he was firing them in the house?

That would actually influence who I thought had to pay for the excess.

EnlightenedOwl Fri 26-Dec-14 08:52:12

Honestly put it on the insurance shouldn't stuff your premiums up that much. He can pay the excess then. Just check though you have got accidental damage on your policy.

Sandthorn Fri 26-Dec-14 08:53:29

I'm with hohonutty... Isn't this what insurance is for? It was obviously an accident, your brother has done the decent thing by offering, but I think it would only be decent for you to meet him part way. Home insurance isn't expensive if you shop around... It might not make that much difference.

BathshebaDarkstone Fri 26-Dec-14 08:53:41

Yes I think you should claim and your brother should pay the excess. fsmile

HoHonutty Fri 26-Dec-14 08:59:40

Our new policy was only £80 including all the stuff life iPhones being lost or stolen outside of the home.

Our quote to stay with the original ones was £220, so we saved loads. It cost over £100 when we first took the policy initially so was a good idea to shop around.

DustInTheWind Fri 26-Dec-14 08:59:49

How wealthy is the brother?
How old is the nephew and who was in charge of them at the time?
Could have been a lot worse than the tv getting damaged, and you've had a lot of good sugestions to choose from. smile

clam Fri 26-Dec-14 09:03:11

Well, it was an accident in that I don't suppose your dn woke up in the morning and hatched a plan to kill the TV with a wooden arrow, but it's open to question as to how far an "accident" was waiting to happen if he was firing those arrows in the sitting room near the TV. And also, at risk of sounding like my mother, it could have had someone's eye out.

So, I would second Viva's question: which adults watched him doing this without intervening?

mousemole Fri 26-Dec-14 09:08:22

I'm going to claim on the insurance . It's what it's for after all. It's kept me awake all night wondering what to do but this seems the fairest way. There were no adults present and it was simply an accident. Thanks all for your thoughts. V. Helpful.

Purplepoodle Fri 26-Dec-14 09:13:21

Think your right. Claim on the insurance and perhaps brother can pay the excess.

Jinglebells99 Fri 26-Dec-14 09:14:14

I would claim on the insurance. Also we bought a TV recently from john lewis and paid extra for a accidental policy for it for five years. Might be worth taking out a similar policy when you get your new TV?

RobotLover68 Fri 26-Dec-14 09:16:01

why should she go halves on the excess? she's already paying her premiums and they probably WILL increase - I think you're doing the right thing OP

youarekiddingme Fri 26-Dec-14 09:21:50

mouse fwiw you sound lovely. So many times you read threads where it's all about how to get people to replace already insured items. That's the right thing to do IMO - after all it was an accident. If your DB has the money available can you ring insurance company - you may be able to buy it in sale and they'll reimburse minus the excess?

mousemole Fri 26-Dec-14 10:44:23

Just rang insurance and they are shut. Found the policy and it's £250 so think I will ask him to pay the excess.
Not worth falling out over really, especially as its xmas !

HoHonutty Fri 26-Dec-14 11:23:30

Make sure you shop around when it's time to renew your policy. Definitely not worth falling out over.

Branleuse Fri 26-Dec-14 11:25:59

just let him pay the excess.

EnlightenedOwl Fri 26-Dec-14 11:26:19

ooh that's a higher excess than I thought but no worries its still better than shelling out for the full amount. These things happen and its not worth falling out over.

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