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To be hiding in the kitchen with a bottle of Cava?

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Gawjushun Thu 25-Dec-14 15:45:55

My MIL is round and is an extremely light drinker. Have been getting dirty looks whenever I top up my teeny flute. Plus putting up with her bollocks and passive aggressive nonsense.

She's in the front room on FaceTime and I'm sneakily downing a couple glasses of Cava. Am I on the road to alcoholism? I need a bit of a buzz on Xmas day, and we are trying for a baby so this could be my last chance to drink for many months. Please tell me I'm justified in drinking alone today!

NiceAcorns Thu 25-Dec-14 15:47:24

Totally justified behaviour. Have one for me!

AWholeLottaNosy Thu 25-Dec-14 15:48:12

Oh dear she sounds awful! Have a few drinks today as if u get pregnant you'll be a long time dry... Why's she so awful by the way..?

mutternutter Thu 25-Dec-14 15:48:33

Me too

CatsClaus Thu 25-Dec-14 15:49:53

let the old bag pull her faces, she'll die of thirst before you die of alcohol poisoning!

My ILs are similar but a bit scared of me, so if I ask them if they want a drink they will decline after judgily checking their watches but if I swan in with drinkies on a tray and hand them out they take them and drink them for fear of being rude grin could try that?

DontCallMeBaby Thu 25-Dec-14 15:57:10

It's alright, you're not alone. wink

Gawjushun Thu 25-Dec-14 15:58:45

Haha, thank you ladies. I knew MN was a good place to seek absolution.

She's not as bad as some of the MILs on here, but she's such a fucking sad sack. Everything is against her, it's all a big drama, and she's just a poor widdle old lady. She can also be a massive snob. She only shops in Waitrose, despite going on about how skint she is, and was snooty about the fact I buy some stuff from Asda because she thought it was a cash and carry? Luckily, DH does tell her she's being ridiculous.

I didn't really want her round today. We had her last year, but BIL won't do his share, and she would have been alone. Yes, I'm pathetic and a drunk!

Tobyjugg Thu 25-Dec-14 15:59:25

Drink what you like, when you like and she can fuck off. Cook can drink what she likes on Xmas day.

Jodie1982 Thu 25-Dec-14 16:01:30

Have a few for me pls! Currently almost 33wks preggy, swollen ankles and bad back pain, today has done me in. Would love a glass or 5 of Rose' right now. Luckily I have fallen out with my MIL so I don't have to put about with all that crap! grin

ninetynineonehundred Thu 25-Dec-14 16:02:48

Totally reasonable.
I'll come join you and we can get pissed peeling spuds

Moresproutsplease Thu 25-Dec-14 16:24:42

"old bag"?
"fucking sad sack"?


LindyHemming Thu 25-Dec-14 16:27:04

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Gawjushun Thu 25-Dec-14 16:37:09

Being tight with the booze is a crime! It goes against the spirit of Xmas.

TigerTrumpet Thu 25-Dec-14 16:43:34

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

TigerTrumpet Thu 25-Dec-14 16:57:29

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Gawjushun Thu 25-Dec-14 17:04:13

Sending boozy fumes your way Tiger. I've just been informed that this isn't my MIL's 'proper' Xmas, as there's a family gathering in a few days. So no pressies for us or DS til then and I'm left feeling insulted after the effort I put in. Whatever lady!

Chocolateteacake Thu 25-Dec-14 17:05:14

Absolutely YRBU. Fill a tymbler with gin then you dont need to hide.

Sheesh. Amateurs...

JT05 Thu 25-Dec-14 17:08:01

Enjoy yourself, I'm a MIL saw all GCs, DSs and DILs this morning. Now relaxing on our own with a glass of wine.
Enjoy your drink and good luck with the baby making!

simbacatlivesagain Thu 25-Dec-14 17:55:09

Dump the cava- thats the only bit that sounds unreasonable- get champagne.

EUPHEMIA- just raid the wine rack. Unless it is vintage wine goes off and will be undrinkable. My MIL had a bottle of non vintage champagne- Moet or similar which she was keeping for a special occasion- 2 weddings and 3 births didnt make the grade. When she finally drank it after at least 10 years she said she ddint know why people made s fuss about champagne as it was awful HMMM

TigerTrumpet Thu 25-Dec-14 19:58:09

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Mouthfulofquiz Thu 25-Dec-14 21:27:25

carry on with the secret cava - I'll be doing the same once the baby has gone back to sleep in five mins!!

mumonashoestring Thu 25-Dec-14 21:35:29

We've been adding creme de lychee or St Germain to ours - basically pouring some booze and topping it off with more booze...

JollyJingle Thu 25-Dec-14 21:42:45

Cheers! wine

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