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AuntyBatshit Thu 25-Dec-14 07:23:05

Merry Christmas to all of you, and thank you for keeping me sane over many sleepless nights, making me bawl with laughter... Or just plain bawl!

Thank you

That is all.

PunkrockerGirl Thu 25-Dec-14 07:27:32

Merry Christmas to you too, Aunty. fsmile

FrigginFuckinFiggyPudding Thu 25-Dec-14 07:33:09

Merry Christmas...I hope you have a really lovely day.


mouldycurtains Thu 25-Dec-14 07:37:34


Merry Christmas to all mumsnetters

I'm struggling to feel festive after being professionally involved with the Glasgow bin lorry crash victims and families this week.

Count your blessings and give your loved ones extra kisses and cuddles today and all days

paperlace Thu 25-Dec-14 07:43:16

Happy Christmas everyone! Been on Mumsnet for 8 years (namechanger) still love and loathe it in equal measure! But always entertaining, educational, moving, furstrating, baffling and funny. fgrin fwink


AuntyBatshit Thu 25-Dec-14 07:46:15

��mouldy sad are you ok?

SparklyTwinkleGlitter Thu 25-Dec-14 07:46:55

Merry Christmas all mumsnetters. fgrin

Thank you mouldycurtains and all your colleagues for supporting the crash victims. Such an awful tragedy for all involved. I hope you can find a little bit of festive spirit to keep you going. flowers

mouldycurtains Thu 25-Dec-14 07:59:49

Thanks, I'll be fine - I guess I wouldn't be human if I didn't take cases like that home with me. I've got DH and DD here and we're staying with very welcoming in laws

CaptainAnkles Thu 25-Dec-14 08:01:24

Merry Christmas to everyone. I suppose I should get up grin nobody else is yet!

MinceSpy Thu 25-Dec-14 08:03:10

Merry Christmas to you all. Mouldycurtains thank you for everything you and your colleagues did for those caught up in the Glasgow incident.

TheRealAmandaClarke Thu 25-Dec-14 08:30:24

Wishing you all a good Christmas.

mouldycurtains you're a special person. And your post has moved me.

I know that many people are struggling today.
And some of us are very lucky and having a great time.

Thinking of all of you. Thanks for all the chat.

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