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To wonder if anyone watches

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Smoorikins Tue 23-Dec-14 19:37:09

their friends 'year' on Facebook.

To me, it's just an annoying clutter of my news feed. I don't understand why people post them. Is it because they think their lives are so interesting that people will want to watch it in summary form?

I'm sure it's not really that, but I just don't get it. Hopefully someone will be able to enlighten me!

Hatespiders Tue 23-Dec-14 19:54:30

I'm not on FB, but I know just what you mean. I got a card from a friend I no longer see as she moved away years ago. It's nice to get the card, but in it was one of those round robin printed things, 2 sides of an A4 sheet, all about every member of her family and what they're all doing, every detail of her and her friends/relatives' lives.

I sound like a grumpy old bat, but I really am not particularly interested. I'd never assume people wanted to know all that about me. A nice greeting is quite enough.

NorahBone Tue 23-Dec-14 20:05:52

Nope. Wouldn't even watch my own. grin

NynaevesSister Tue 23-Dec-14 20:08:05

Oh gosh yes! Just for close friends and immediate family. Really lovely seeing the high points of their year in one short presentation.

JennieR60 Tue 23-Dec-14 20:20:31

This is currently annoying me too. I don't need to see people's "great year" which are quite frankly full of tripe. Mine would be full of tripe. I wouldn't inflict it on people.

vdbfamily Tue 23-Dec-14 20:26:26

I had a quick look at my own and it had a heading 'highlight of the year' with a picture of my badly broken ankle in August,which I am still recovering from now. It was most definately not a highlight and I gave up looking at that point!

CakeAndWineAreAFoodGroup Tue 23-Dec-14 20:27:21

I obviously didn't do much this year as it's a very light offering compared to those which Fb friends have posted! I didn't bother with mine.

londonrach Tue 23-Dec-14 20:27:35

No im ignoring them and you be pleased to see im not doing one!

susiedaisy Tue 23-Dec-14 20:28:19

Nope can't be arsed to watch my own

Trooperslane Tue 23-Dec-14 20:32:57

Watch them all in the full knowledge that Facebook is NOT REAL end is the life we want, rather than the one we have.

With that in mind, I really enjoy that stuff.

It's your best bits.

CaulkheadUpNorth Tue 23-Dec-14 20:39:22

Nope. I've been friends with them, I know what's happened this year.

PerfectlyPosed Tue 23-Dec-14 20:43:45

I've watched and enjoyed the ones where the particular friend has actually had a good year such as having a baby or getting married but all the others are just dull, mine included!

Sparklingbrook Tue 23-Dec-14 21:16:14

It sounds like a FB Round Robin. grin

ilovesooty Tue 23-Dec-14 21:52:58

Like others I wouldn't even watch my own.

Whippet81 Tue 23-Dec-14 21:55:23

I've quite enjoyed looking at them actually fhmm

braininabox Tue 23-Dec-14 22:21:31

I wasn't even fucking offered it. Clearly Facebook knows how bad my year had been!

Frostyyspecs Tue 23-Dec-14 22:28:31

I won't watch, I'm annoyed enough a close fiend posted one of those tribute videos a few weeks back that focused on a crap status. They are boring spam.

I'm not intentionally posting my year.

NoArmaniNoPunani Tue 23-Dec-14 22:30:35

Yes, I rather like them.

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