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what on earth has happened to john lewis customer service?

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dillydally123 Mon 22-Dec-14 20:28:27

hi all, new here and unfortunately my first post is a moan! Never mind all the cute penguins but John Lewis, a store Ive known, loved and relied on for many years seems to have gone right down the pan.

My washing machine died just before we were due to go away (with mountains of unwashed clothes awaiting tlc) I ordered a new one and paid for it online. JL confirmed delivery many times, but on the day (having taken a day off work) they simply failed to deliver. No update or information as to the fact it wasnt going to happen, it was left to me to get in touch with them at which point they told me there had been a "glitch" and it was never going to be delivered on that wonders why they didnt simply tell me that before (as they clearly knew), rather than reinforcing the fact endlessly that it was going to arrive! I was kept on the phone An HOUR AND A HALF trying to get some sort of remedy.They finally agreed to send me a different model (more expensive but inferior spec, but for some reason available earlier than the other) but that they would refund the difference and give me a goodwill gesture to cover my time, costs etc (we had to delay our trip, I had to take another day off work-which, of course, as a self-employed person is really difficult and expensive to do)...

well,2nd washing machine did turn up, but 2 months later Im still waiting for the promised compensation. Another round with customer services, this time running into several emails, where they first tried to pay me LESS than they had originally promised on the phone but in the end admitted their error but reneged on their promise of making good my losses, offered me a paltry £50,saying they excused themselves because of their Ts and CS....but hoped I would continue shopping with them!!

I am hundreds of pounds out of pocket over this and am absolutely appalled at whats happening to them. Anyone else have similar problems?

dillydally123 Mon 22-Dec-14 20:36:49

...and again after all these emails they STILL havent refunded any of the money they owe me

so yet more letter-writing


meltedmonterayjack Mon 22-Dec-14 21:03:48

dilly that sounds pretty rubbish. I've just had a JL related washing machine 'situation' but it was resolved really well.

My last machine from them developed really weird fault just out of the guarantee period. I'd only had it 2 years. After one £95 repair that didn't work by a local plumber, I ordered another machine from JL.

I wrote to JL to say while the machine was just out of guarantee I'd have expected a machine stocked by them to last much longer than 2 years. I didn't ask for anything - just said I was really surprised. Anyhow I got a phonecall from the customer care dept who were really sympathetic and said they'd compensate me for the repair I had done. I didn't have a receipt to show them for the repair but said I could get one. They said not to worry and within a week £95 was paid into my bank account.

I would write again and say just how disappointed you are with their customer care and that you've lost a day's income through taking a day off only for the machine not to arrive. That the promised comp hadn't been paid etc. I'd be really concerned if they didn't feel obliged to try make up for all this.

When my new machine was delivered the guys didn't cover or remove their muddy boots before stomping up my stairs (1st floor flat). Before I'd had time to protest, my creamy carpet was full of black marks. I phoned customer care (again!) and they sent someone out to clean the affected carpets. So get back on to them and say you are v surprised at their poor care. Good luck.

cricketpitch Mon 22-Dec-14 21:23:40

OK, That's not good. BUT very, very few places would sell you a more expensive washing machine for the lower price AND give you £50 "compensation" for wasted time because they missed a delivery. I agree the missing of the delivery date was bad - but it happens. ( stories on here about M and S, Laura Ashley, Amazon - and many others...).

I am self employed so I know what it costs to lose work and yes we should get what we pay for but I still think JL is better than most.

grannytomine Mon 22-Dec-14 21:40:32

They messed up with a hamper my son ordered us for Christmas. The message said To Mother but was signed with a name that did not belong to one of my children. Then saw an address hundreds of miles away on the delivery note although the address on the box was mine. Phoned them up, they checked the order number and said it should have gone to the other address and they would pick it up. Fair enough but I asked where they had got my name and address from. They couldn't explain but said nothing down for my address. Then I read an order number on the address label and they said, "Oh yes, someone has ordered one for you." Who I asked and they gave and initial and surname, could have been my husband or son but as it was addressed to mother I assumed it was for me. I had to ring and check it was from him and it was what he ordered. If I had left it to their customer service they would have just collected it. I think an apology was in order but at least we figured it out.

rainyevening Mon 22-Dec-14 21:48:03

I do think they're going downhill and it breaks my heart to even think that. Whenever I go in now, the staff don't seem to be at all knowledgeable about the stock and just have to look it up on the Internet. And often as not, what I want isn't in stock and the staff tell me to order it online, to which I feel like saying, 'um, I'm here and need it now - if I wanted to order online I'd have stayed home'

AyMamita Mon 22-Dec-14 22:37:08

John Lewis are not what they used to be, I'm afraid. <hoiks bosom>

rainyevening Mon 22-Dec-14 23:01:54

<hoiks bosom on the garden fence opposite you>

But that's tragic. Someone should tell them so they can go back to how they were.

lavenderhoney Mon 22-Dec-14 23:06:40

They really are rubbish, I don't know why tbh. They all sound so nice but so completely ineffectual and clueless. I called to check stock on a product once and the nice lady said she was v sorry but she really had no idea. Why didn't I just drive the 3 hour round trip with my young dc and hope for the best? I felt as though I'd called my dm or somethingsmile

Don't bugger about with customer services if you're being fobbed off. Email the CEO, explain the issue and say why you're pissed off.

Wheretheresawill1 Mon 22-Dec-14 23:13:40

I've had issues with John Lewis and Waitrose recently which makes me feel very sad sad

rainyevening Tue 23-Dec-14 09:35:17

That's the thing, it is sad, they're a national treasure and someone should nip this in the bud. An MN campaign? grin

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