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To think cookie cutters should have a difficulty rating on them?

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Orangeanddemons Mon 22-Dec-14 16:35:45

Dear Lord!I need to lie down in a darkened room..

Dd set her heart on making reindeer cookies...with fucking antlers...sent to America for really cool Rudolph cookie cutter...with antlers! £12.00 + postage, but hey anything to keep dd happy!

They don't work, they just don't work. fuck fuck fuck Why did I fall for them?Guess what? The antler bits break off as soon as you lift them off the table. Well I never! This part then gets clogged up with bits of cookie dough. Even making it like cardboard didn't work. Kitchen covered in flour, dd covered in flour, me covered in flour.

Eventually we cut out mini Xmas trees to replace decapitated antlers. Dd's idea, it kind of worked. But, should baking with kids be this hard? fconfused!

DevonFolk Mon 22-Dec-14 16:38:05

Next time just use a gingerbread man cutter and turn them upside down. Makes for a perfect reindeer fsmile

mausmaus Mon 22-Dec-14 16:40:10

yep. and roll out the dough between two sheets of baking paper. much less messy.

BopToTheTop Mon 22-Dec-14 16:42:00

It sounds like your dough may have been to warm and flimsy.
You can always try rolling the dough out on a cutting board/tray, then cut out as many shapes as you can from that piece of dough but leave them in place, don't try to lift them up
Then pop the entire tray/board into the freezer with the whole piece of dough on it for an hour or so
When you get it out the dough should of almost set and you should be able to lift out your cut out cookie shapes pretty easily smile

Orangeanddemons Mon 22-Dec-14 16:44:50

Oh Bop, I wish you'd been around to intervene...but the dough was like frigging concrete. I couldn't leave them on a board as you suggested, because the damn cutter would not release the antlers come hell or high water.

Like the gingerbread men idea, but do you cut the arms off?

FrostbiteTheSnowman Mon 22-Dec-14 16:50:39

Put the cutter in flour or sugar before you cut with it. Repeat each time. Shapes come out fine.

Orangeanddemons Mon 22-Dec-14 17:00:45

I did that. It was covered in flour every time I tried to use it.

Bulbasaur Mon 22-Dec-14 17:11:05

Did you do an American cookie recipe? American and British measurements aren't the same, yet they call them the same thing.

Also, if it was those stupid plastic ones with the little indents to make the rest of the cookie Like this, those ones are crap anyway. No good ever will come of those stupid things.

PastaOutFromTheXmasGin Mon 22-Dec-14 17:13:12

The arms become ears so don't cut them off

MrsMeeple Mon 22-Dec-14 18:00:39

Hmm. Intrigued by upsidedown gingerbread men reindeer, I googled. Very cute!

CaulkheadUpNorth Mon 22-Dec-14 18:04:51

Totally agree with difficulty rating - dinosaur cutters one year were the death of my sanity.

TyneTeas Mon 22-Dec-14 23:29:04

I know it's not the point but these may help if heart still set on antlered biscuits

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