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to think Beer52 are cheeky!?

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Mummyinamask Mon 22-Dec-14 14:42:59

I bought two three month beer52 vouchers for DH and DF last Christmas.

They sent wrong voucher and it took a while to sort that but I put it down to Christmas rush.

Then discovered despite paying upfront for the subscriptions I could only activate them by signing up to a rolling contract, which it was then up to me to cancel.

I DID let it run for a while as the beer was nice but delivery was unreliable and when an entire box turned up smashed to smithereens I decided to cancel.

Only you can't cancel in writing - you MUST ring them and speak to them between 10am and 4pm Monday to Friday.

So I did that and talked them through the two delivery addresses and asked for a final statement of account and confirmation of cancellation.

All I got was some cheesy 'sorry your leaving us' email. No account or final payment detail.

Three weeks later they took more money.

I queried this and asked for a refund. I provided proof of the payment as their system hadn't registered it.

Finally, after days of emails, another call to the cancellation line and a load of texts they worked out their system didn't recognise that I my account delivered to two addresses (ie DF and DH) so the DF delivery had not been cancelled.

They were reluctant to refund the money and I had to spell out that I HAD cancelled and the error was at their end, not mine.

THEN the cheeky monkeys texted me
'. . . in future we would recommend keeping a closer eye on subscriptiond that are set up using your bank account. Thanks'

AIBU to be fshock at their brass neck?! The cheek! I did spot it! After they ballsed it up! fangry

Suefla62 Mon 22-Dec-14 14:52:56

Text them back and tell them you were keeping an eye on your bank account, and that's why you knew they had screwed up.

Mummyinamask Mon 22-Dec-14 15:04:17

I think I've made my feeling clear. fgrin. It really shouldn't be this complicated.
DH has gone with another company for DFiL for this christmas.

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