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AIBU to remind you to defrost poultry soon?

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pressone Mon 22-Dec-14 08:06:21

I have to get my goose out of the freezer late today to ensure it is defrosted. Thursday seems so far away still - don't get caught out!

bigbluestars Mon 22-Dec-14 08:08:20

Too soon in my book.

My goose and gammon are out - I want the goose defrosted by Christmas Eve so I can get the giblets out to make stock for the gravy, and get the goose stuffed ready for the oven on Christmas day.

smilingthroughgrittedteeth Mon 22-Dec-14 08:10:47

My Turkey will get taken out the freezer on wednesday morning, its no bigger than a chicken so will defrost just fine in 24 hours

SantasBassoon Mon 22-Dec-14 08:11:37

It depends on how big the bird is and where you'll be defrosting it of course. Mine doesn't need to be taken out of the freezer until Christmas Eve morning, but it's not huge and will be defrosted in a cool pantry rather than the fridge.

Fluffyears Mon 22-Dec-14 08:23:24

I have a small crown, I'll take it out this evening to start it's defrosting, only 3 of Us for dinner.

pressone Mon 22-Dec-14 08:26:11

1. Refrigerator Thawing

This is the easiest method for defrosting a turkey — but it also takes the longest amount of time, so you’ll need to plan ahead.

• Keep the frozen turkey in its original, unopened wrapper and place breast side up in a container or tray that will prevent the turkey juices from dripping on other foods.

• Place the frozen turkey in the fridge — be sure your refrigerator temperature is set at 40 °F or below.

• You’ll need to allow about 24 hours for each 4 to 5 pounds of frozen turkey you plan to thaw in the fridge.

Approximate times to defrost a whole turkey in the fridge:
- 10 pounds — 2 days plus 12 hours
- 15 pounds — 3 days plus 18 hours
- 20 pounds — 5 days
- 25 pounds — 6 days plus 6 hours

WastingMyYoungYears Mon 22-Dec-14 08:26:14

Fluffy, where are you defrosting it - the North Pole grin?

Eminybob Mon 22-Dec-14 08:27:06

Ahh I was going to start a thread asking when to get my goose out! Thank you. I assume this is to defrost on the fridge?

NCIS Mon 22-Dec-14 08:30:43

My turkey is nearly defrosted today, it's 6kg. It's wrapped in the fridge now.

twoopsie Mon 22-Dec-14 08:31:22

Yabvvvvu some of us are vegetarian.

gamerchick Mon 22-Dec-14 08:36:58

I don't need mine will Friday. Stick it in the fridge Christmas eve and put it on the bench Thursday night to finish off.

That reminds me I must buy the beef today.

GlitzAndGigglesx Mon 22-Dec-14 08:38:43

We're having lamb and Turkey. DP hasn't even bought the turkey yet I think he's buying tomorrow so will keep in fridge. I will take the lamb out tomorrow evening it's only a half leg but I want to season it Xmas eve so its ready for Xmas day

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