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to think public spending cuts is a lie

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twoopsie Sun 21-Dec-14 07:03:09

Why has the public spending gone up when it has supposed to be cut? Can't be all interest as the interest rate has gone down. Also can't be rising unemployment as the unemployed are a tiny percentage of welfare.

twoopsie Sun 21-Dec-14 07:05:18

Won't let me post the graph, but looking at the one here

aermingers Sun 21-Dec-14 07:06:09

Because there are an increasing number of old people who cost the state more. Because even though unemployment is going down many of those jobs are low paid and people doing them are still subsidised by the state.

jaynebxl Sun 21-Dec-14 07:24:52

Because while on this austerity drive cutting vital health and education funding Cameron and pals are managing to plough more money into the things that matter to them and benefit their pals.

AwkwardSquad Sun 21-Dec-14 07:38:27

It's employers that are subsidised by the state via working tax credit and so on. They are supported by the state to offer lousy wages; at the same time employee rights are being attacked by this government, and people on benefits are presented as being the enemy - eg scroungers, lazy, etc etc. It's very clever. Evil but clever. I wonder which political party the large employers make contributions to...

kim147 Sun 21-Dec-14 08:02:26

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

kim147 Sun 21-Dec-14 08:04:18

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

kim147 Sun 21-Dec-14 08:10:33

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

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