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Alone at Christmas...

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erikas43 Sun 21-Dec-14 02:36:34

I'm from the UK but have lived and worked in another country for the past five years. I have a boyfriend in my new country and we bought an apartment together. He goes home to his very traditional + religious family in his home village for Christmas, but I am not welcome there because I do not share their religion. I accept this, understand his predicament (he has aging parents etc) and am happy for him to go.

in past years I went back home for Christmas, but this year my dad has been getting difficult... arrogant, unpleasant, controlling and just no fun to be around. I've never received love from him. He's a teacher and devoted his life to other kids, not his own. I can't stand to be around him, although I am very very close to my mom.

Anyway... after several strained Skype conversations with my dad, I decided I'd be much happier spending Christmas alone. Knowing that my parents would be totally offended if I opted to spend Christmas alone in a foreign country than come home (Christmas is a big deal to them and they wouldn't be willing to talk about the problems just before the festive season) I lied that my BF and I were going to spend our first Christmas together in our new home....

Only they have now sent me an unsolicited "gift" of $500 to spend on a "traditional English Christmas in Russia" and have been outlining their plans for a lengthy Skype call and shared Christmas meal on Christmas day.

How can I hide that I'm actually alone and not with my BF at all???

DeeCayed Sun 21-Dec-14 02:39:25

Could you say your internet went down?

Archduke Sun 21-Dec-14 02:42:59

YY computer on the blink - so sad.

Middleagedmotheroftwo Sun 21-Dec-14 02:43:00

Sounds like an odd thing to do, and yet another example of why it's always easier to tell the truth. But power cut/no internet or similar would certainly explain an inability to Skype.

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