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To be so upset with my mum for letting DD find out what her Christmas present is?

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muminthecity Sat 20-Dec-14 22:44:49

I've bought DD an iPad for Christmas. This is the biggest/most expensive present I've ever bought her. I'd never usually be able to afford it, but I had a small inheritance this year so have been able to splash out a bit for once. DD hasn't asked for one, and would never have expected it.

My mum text me a couple of days ago asking what type of iPad I'd bought as she wanted to get DD a case for it, so I replied and told her.

DD stayed over at my mum's house last night and wanted to text me so my mum gave her her phone. It is an iPhone so as soon as DD went into messages and pressed my name, the whole message thread showed, and she saw my previous message regarding the iPad.

I know my mum didn't mean to do it, but I am annoyed at her carelessness and so, so upset that the biggest surprise I've ever bought DD has been ruined. I was so excited about giving it to her and seeing her face on Christmas morning sad.

AgentZigzag Sat 20-Dec-14 22:52:26

I would feel cheated too, but don't be upset with your mum, she didn't do it on purpose. Just be thankful she isn't the type of person who would tell her just to piss you off.

How old is your DD?

She'll still be chuffed to bits getting to actually play about with on Christmas day smile

muminthecity Sat 20-Dec-14 23:03:19

I know it wasn't deliberate, but just can't help feeling annoyed with her! DD is delighted and excited about it, but she's also quite sad that she knows about it - she loves surprises and would never attempt to find out what her presents are in advance. Oh well, I guess there isn't really anything I can do about it now, will just have to get over it.

DD is 9.

naty1 Sat 20-Dec-14 23:12:11

Could be worse she could still be young enough to believe santa gave it.
Or found out adopted or divorce or her dad isnt her dad.
Makes me realise its not always good it stores everything

tigermoll Sat 20-Dec-14 23:27:54

You are NU to be upset but you are BU to be upset with your mum. It's really not her fault - she probably feels awful about it. But you know that, right?

SaucyJack Sat 20-Dec-14 23:32:01

YABU really. I thought from the title you were gonna say she told her out of spite.

CheeseBuster Sat 20-Dec-14 23:45:02

Could you give her some small stocking fillers and say the ipad thing was a joke and then give it to her later on? Or wrap it in a cereal/cat food box so she is really confused and then when she hasn't unwrapped the ipad tell her to feed the cat/ask if you can have a bowl of cereal?

That is the kind of thing my dad would do. Maybe slightly cruel but depends in your DD and how she'd react.

Reekypear Sat 20-Dec-14 23:55:52


LadyLuck10 Sat 20-Dec-14 23:59:49

Yabu she didn't do it on purposehmm.yes get a grip, many people won't be able to even give their dc gifts so keep perspective about what's important in life.

ASunnyTiger Sun 21-Dec-14 00:10:14

I'd feel gutted too, and would also feel very frustrated that the surprise had been ruined by some one else's carelessness. But feeling upset and annoyed with your mum isn't really going to do much good, she didn't mean it and we all have our moments of messing something up. Let yourself feel what you feel, without letting onto your mum, and then when you're done you can move on.

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