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Seasonal: To hate supermarkets labelling everything round and orange an easy peeler

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catslave Sat 20-Dec-14 21:40:37

Seriously, what the holy hairy Mary are they? Are they a satsuma? A clementine? A tangerine? Should I expect pips or shouldn't I?

They all taste like water wrapped in a baggy, chewy old sausage skin because they've been on a boat from the Transvaal for months but even so. Do they think we're so stupid we need tactile information to distinguish them from a standard orange?

Haveimiscarried Sat 20-Dec-14 21:43:11

You aren't the only one link wink

amicissimma Sat 20-Dec-14 21:46:43

I've been thinking the same thing. I have discovered that if you look very, very carefully the type is written on a label or shelf label somewhere.

Waitrose do oranges in boxes that do actually taste of orange (the orange, I haven't tried the box); the big green boxes even say 'Clementines' in writing that is large enough to see but swiggly so it takes a bit of peering at.

AlpacaLypse Sat 20-Dec-14 21:49:20

...and breathe....

catslave I see where you're coming from. So far I've bought small thin-skinned citrus fruits from Tesco, Morrisons and Waitrose. I particularly remember the Tesco ones having Easy Peelers written on them, but they did also have Variety and Country of Origin.

I noticed as I am currently boycotting Israel until they stop invading Palestine.

The Waitrose and Morrisons were also fairly clearly labelled.

I'm pretty serious about the Israeli blockade. Bastards.

livegoldrings Sat 20-Dec-14 21:57:15

Oh I thought this was because they are hardly ever easy to peel. They should call them quite-fiddly-to-peelers. I agree they all taste of sour nothingness.

RedSoloCup Sat 20-Dec-14 22:05:01

They are all horrible this year and have put my DC off of oranges sad

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